Mark Schaefer’s Advice on Blogging and Being Known

You are a successful marketing consultant and a very creative blogger on your wildly known BusinessesGrow blog. Could you tell our readers, how did the blogging era start for you and how much did it influence your work? When I left the corporate world, I began to consult and teach. I knew that if I […]

Andrea Vahl Talks About Social Media and Blogging Benefits

You’ve successfully established yourself as a Social Media and Internet Marketing Expert. What drew you into this area – was this always your interest, or did you find yourself swept up in it? I started using social media to promote my in-home wine tasting business (that was a dream job right there) and really loved […]

Marketing and Writing Tips from Ann Handley

We know you as a great writer and a Chief Content Officer on MarketingProfs🙂 But, for our readers who are not completely familiar with you as we are, could you share a word or two about your work? I’m the first Chief Content Officer on the planet. I’m a Wall Street Journal bestselling author (of […]

Learn Online Entrepreneurship from The Wiseman – Yaro Starak

Tell us a bit about you Yaro: how did it all start with the – from the birth of the idea, its branding, and its development? is my blog which started in 2005. Now, you have to understand that in 2005 the blogosphere was brand new. There were very few blogs even fewer […]

Shane Barker’s Tips on Influencer Marketing

Can you introduce our readers with your work – what is it that you do, how and why you chose digital marketing as your work call? As a digital marketer, my work involves basically any form of marketing that brands can do in the digital sphere. I help businesses improve their online visibility by marketing […]

Founder of The Next Web Talks About His Beginnings

You’ve built a very popular website. Did you start out with the goal of building a huge following, or was this a passion project that gained momentum over time? We started because we were hosting a conference and thought it would be fun to blog about preparing for an event. We quickly noticed traffic to […]

Take your Email Marketing Outreach to the Highest Level with Mailjet

Hi Alexis! Can you tell us a little about yourself? I’m a graduate from HEC Paris and started my career as a consultant in Bain & Company. Before joining Mailjet, I was Chairman and CEO at B-Process for five years, during which the company became a leader in the European Electronic Invoice market and was […]

Vlad Olaru and his Success of WordPress Theme Business

Hi. I am Vlad, CEO, and co-founder of Pixelgrade, a design studio focused on creating WordPress themes that solve digital problems. Also, I’m an architect and developer by training, and father and husband by life. I would define myself as a generalizing specialist, one that likes to have a firm grip on the bigger picture […]

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