Jerry Low Shares his Entrepreneurship Tips

Could you tell us a little about yourself – how did you end up in the hosting industry and when did you get an idea to start WebHostingSecretsRevealed? I started affiliate marketing in 2004 and in 2007 I managed 30-40 websites on different web hosts. WHSR was created as a side project along with a […]

Interview with Justyna Polaczyk from LiveChat

Before LiveChat crossed my path, I spent almost 7 years working as a business analyst and 6 years as a journalist. It turned out that becoming a content writer was the best decision I’ve ever made. Now, on the LiveChat blog, I share my experience and knowledge about customer service, business psychology, social media and […]

Interview with Lisa Sylvester from Laughingbird Software

Could you tell us a little about yourself – how you ended up starting Laughingbird Software? Once upon a time, our business was called “Laughingbird Productions”. My partner, and husband, Marc, with his entrepreneurial passion and design skills, created logos and websites for online customers. A few years later (only one year after our daughter […]

Interview with Dan Schultzer from GoSpaces

Could you tell us a little about yourself – how you ended up starting We saw a need for a quick way to test business ideas, so we decided to build a platform that let people get their business online in a matter of minutes. We also wanted to make it easy to get […]

Interview with Niraj Ranjan Rout from Hiver

Could you tell us a little about yourself and how you started Hiver? I am a programmer, who worked with large teams over a period of 8 years before coming on to the idea for starting Hiver. Everywhere I worked, I faced multiple problems with collaborating over email. While email was really “sticky”, and people […]

Olivia Collins from ThoughtShift Shares Digital Marketing Secrets

Olivia is a digital marketing executive with a degree in advertising and brand management. With over 3 years of experience in digital strategy across a range of clients and for digital marketing agency ThoughtShift, Olivia writes regularly on digital marketing and consumer trends for the ThoughtShift website and publications like Smart Insights. Could you tell […]

Interview with Wolf Becvar from HotGloo

Could you tell us a little about yourself – how you ended up creating HotGloo? Hannes and I met back in 2009 when we were both working for a company called SuperReal in Hamburg, Germany. Back then Hannes was already working on his University Master thesis for computer science. I got hooked by the topic […]

Seymour Products Blog by Terri Seymour

Terri Seymour is the owner of and has two decades of online marketing, promoting and customer service experience. She has written dozens of successful articles, which have been published online as well as in print magazines. She has also authored several ebooks and published several successful newsletters. Terri has also helped many people start […]

85ideas – WordPress Themes and Plugins by Brett Helling

My name is Brett and I am still fairly new to the online marketing space. Over the past two years, I’ve learned everything I could about online marketing, building websites, and lessons learned the hard way. I’ve applied it to the two sites I now run: and Could you tell us a little […]

The Traveling Dutchman Blog by Jasper Ribbers

Jasper left his finance career in 2010 and has since been traveling the world non-stop, as documented on his travel blog, The Traveling Dutchman. He’s an Amazon Best Selling Author, a podcast host and has been featured on many media outlets including Men’s Health and the BBC. He is a Udemy instructor and has published […]

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