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Would you like to introduce our readers to WisePops platform – what is it and how it works?

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WisePops is self-serve SaaS product which enables web businesses to communicate the right message, to the right person, at the right time. The result of our product is helping any website, especially eCommerce, generate more revenue from their existing visitors and customers. The tangible aspect of the product is an intuitive builder, coupled with advanced targeting, allowing messages to be conveyed with brand empowering aesthetics.
The primary use cases of WisePops besides boosting revenue, is list building and we have customers who have collected hundreds of thousands of emails with WisePops.
Outside of our product, we are a remote company run in a pretty forwarding thinking way. We focus on attaining measurable results in a wise way. We do not wear being ‘busy’ as a badge of honor, nor focus on dozens of priorities simultaneously. To drive results we do not believe in working more, but working wiser. Remove the noise, the distractions, the clutter and what is not effective; focus on what is making an impact.

You are a Marketing Director at WisePops, but that’s not what you’ve always been…How did you develop an interest in Digital Marketing in the first place?

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I fell into digital marketing accidentally as a student. I started a casual music blog named The Metropolitan Jolt without any serious plans but as interest grew I began to see it as an opportunity. If I could figure out a way to boost readership (traffic) I knew I could attend concerts for free or maybe even interview artists and be a publicist at music festivals. It’s then that I decided to educate myself on digital marketing, and it paid off. We grew to a peak of 1M views, I interviewed 4 grammy nominees, and was invited to music festivals around the United States and Europe on press credentials.

By your opinion, what would be 3 certain things everyone could do or follow, that can bring them a success on the Internet?

  1. Try to have a T shaped skill-set. Go deep and become excellent at one topic, but have basic skills in other areas. To be a successful marketer it’s critical to have basic skills in design, coding, sales etc.
  2. Keep a super close eye on what people are creating and what’s working. No, I don’t mean TechCrunch, but ProductHunt. Catch the trends before they’re trends, know all the cool tools, and use them to your advantage.
  3. Add value. Whatever you want to do, create, or sell – make sure it’s highly valuable for its target. Without that, you will certainly fail. With it success is not assured, but much more attainable.

Do you find blogging as a good tactic for customer conversion and how is that working out for you so far?

Absolutely! On a high level, blogging is the key to giving your company a human voice, and demonstrate your collective knowledge. On a more metrics centric level, blogging is the key to growing organic traffic.

What about social media – do you use them for providing customer support? From which channels would you say that you get the most engagement?

As a B2B solution we are not as active on social as B2C or publishers, but we of course utilize it. We monitor all mentions of our name across the web and make sure to get into the conversation whenever it’s advantageous. If we ever hear anything about someone being unhappy we make sure to resolve their issue – we are a customer centric organization.
Currently most of our engagement is on Twitter and Facebook but we’re expanding into Instagram soon.

Can you give our readers 3 reasons why WisePops can be a good idea for their business?

  1. Drive Results – WisePops differentiates itself by being able to almost instantly achieve measurable results, and make a tangible impact on our customer’s business. Our customers love the instant ROI of our tool.
  2. Ease of Use – We are just a couple clicks to integrate, on any website. Then when using our product we provide both a vast amount of ready-to-use gorgeous templates, but a super intuitive drag’n’drop builder.
  3. Best in Class – We don’t settle for anything less than best in class UI/UX, support, product, content, design – and of course – team. One reason we are a remote company is to empower recruitment of the best talent. Our customers directly profit from this mentality.

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What does Wisepops have planned for the future?

We are working on building the next wave of visitor and customer targeting software to entirely change how websites communicate. So much of targeting and communication on the web currently revolves around requiring a visitor input their email, and not segmenting based on interest. What we’re working on allows websites to communicate with their customers and potential customers, based on their interests and behavior, without ever requiring an email – it’s going to be a game changer, stay tuned!

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