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We are a website dedicated to publishing creative, entertaining and engaging career and lifestyle content. We try to present our topics in a humorous, interesting way to inform our readers while they chuckle.

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When did you get the idea to launch your own business website and how important is it for you to be online?

This wasn’t our first foray into the online world. Through our experience, we realized that there was a niche market we could penetrate: through the career orientated content of our website catering to a younger market than other career/professional/lifestyle websites.

Did you have someone help you make the website or did you do it by yourself?

We have a dedicated in-house team of designers and developers that consistently develop and work on the website to keep it up to date and achieve the highest level of functionality we can.

The right domain name is important. How long did it take you to come up with the domain name for your website/blog?

The concept of the website concentrated heavily on the younger market and offering engaging and entertaining content that relates to careers and the professional world. With this concept in mind, our Marketing team was brought in to brainstorm ideas for a domain name that would embody the concept and engage our target audience. Finally, we had an in-office poll to help us decide the most appropriate (and exciting) domain name. The entire process took roughly a week.

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What CMS (Content Management System) do you use for your blog?

We use a custom tailored system that was made for us, to allow space to expand, add and modify functionality. It has proven a very successful framework to work with.

How important are your various sections and how much time do you spend on them?

Each section has its own function and significance within the CareerAddict ecosystem. Of course, the popular idiom goes “Content is king” so we spend the majority of our time creating and curating the highest quality of content we can.

How do you promote it? Do you use social media channels to attract more audience?

Social Media is a great, but fickle tool. We have created numerous campaigns to promote the website through various social media channels with varying success. The importance of social media as a marketing tool is undeniable.

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Would you encourage other people to make websites for their own businesses?

Absolutely, a digital presence today is crucial for any business (even individuals). Digital presence is so important in fact that without one a business can be perceived as unreachable or in extreme cases non-existent. The lack of an online presence can also inadvertently show a company/business’s negative attitude or hesitation towards innovation and embracing technology.

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