Interview with Lisa Sylvester from Laughingbird Software

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Could you tell us a little about yourself – how you ended up starting Laughingbird Software?

Once upon a time, our business was called “Laughingbird Productions”. My partner, and husband, Marc, with his entrepreneurial passion and design skills, created logos and websites for online customers.
A few years later (only one year after our daughter was born) I was a working professional while Marc was on the computer and taking care of our daughter at home. Although she was in great hands, I missed being with her and had always wanted to be boss-free. So, I quit my job, moved closer to family, and began working along-side Marc at home, taking care of the business side of things while he focused on designing.

What drew you into this area of knowledge? Was it all part of a plan, or did you find yourself swept up in the current and then the idea just happened?

Fast forward 3 years later. I had just given birth to twin boys! Marc and I now had a wonderful little family, all 5 of us… at home, every single day. About this time, a couple of thoughts were going through our minds: 1. We wanted to simplify our lives. We knew we could do this if only we could provide something of great value to others that we only had to create once but could continue to profit from… and 2. We realized that, in the name of sanity, we were going to need a bigger house 🙂
This is when Marc came up with the idea for a do-it-yourself graphics creation software based on pre-designed templates. One long, expensive, non-income-producing year later, The Logo Creator was born.
Now, many years later, our number-one best selling software is just called “The Creator” (version 7.0). Not only is it even more powerful than our earlier versions, but it creates tons of graphic designs for every online business purpose, not just logos.

Lisa Sylvester Interview - Picture of Lisa and Marc

The right domain name is important. How long did it take you to come up with the domain name for your software/website?

Not long. We developed our site with the domain “” as soon as we launched the software. However, we are currently branding it all as We now have multiple graphics and marketing products!

Do you still have a “day job” or is this your main source of income?

Laughingbird is our day, night, and in-between job. Our only other job is raising our family 🙂

Tell us something more about Laughingbird – how it works, what are its features and advantages and why would you recommend people to use it?

Laughingbird Software’s focus is on providing small businesses and entrepreneurs with easy-to-use, affordable graphic design software. We know first hand how hard it is to run a small business when you have limited financial and physical resources.
Our desire is to help customers make their own graphics needed for their website, blog and marketing… with easy, but powerful, templates. No design experience required. We really want our audience to know that our software can do way more than the simple online editors yet is way easier than the software professional designers use.
We also make it easy by providing tons of helpful resources: The Laughingbird blog, forum, video tutorials, support desk, and a private Facebook group with incredibly helpful “Creatorpreneurs”.

Lisa Sylvester Interview - Laughingbird Software Logo

I noticed you also have a blog section on your site, so tell me how much time do you spend blogging, in general (writing the posts, etc)? And how important is blogging for you?

We’ve added to our blog consistently for many years, primarily writing (and vlogging) about simple tips helpful to using The Creator software. Now that we’ve been producing and selling software online for 15+ years, we’ve decided that it’s time to give more… more time helping others learn about marketing, graphic and brand design, as well as creating the graphics needed every day to run a successful business.
How do you promote your website? Do you use social media channels to attract more visitors to your content?
Personally, I spend a couple of hours every day just on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. I comment, research, learn tutorials, create visual content (all using The Creator software, of course), write content and post to the various channels.
Additionally, we have used a small amount of paid advertising as well as have partnered with other wonderful companies many times over.
More importantly, however, we keep in touch with our current customers who are our best source of referrals. We do this primarily through email and our private Facebook group, where we have a lot of fun with others who are there to help and inspire each other.

You’ve learned a lot about marketing a successful online business, so from your own experience, if you had to pick the top three things people do wrong, the things holding them back from success, what would those be?

  1. Spamming
  2. Failing to have an email marketing campaign
  3. Failing to make a personal connection with your audience.

How would you suggest people avoid these mistakes?

I think entrepreneurs can easily avoid these mistakes by understanding their own values, visualizing how they want others to see their company, and by giving their audience what they need and want, not just what they want to sell them.

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You’ve got a pretty good thing going, obviously, but if there’s one truth of the internet, it’s that things change. Where are you going from here?

You’re so right Anja! The online world changes so quickly that it’s hard for a small business to keep up. After so many years online, Marc and I have a very defined vision of where we want Laughingbird Software to go.
First, we want to continue to enjoy our online community of successful and thoughtful creatorpreneurs who give so much to each other. We intend to do our part by creating the affordable, simple to use software they need to build and market their businesses.
Then, we’re taking it one step further… We’re going to show them the tools needed to be successful online and teach them how to use them! Some of these tools include social media templates, ecover creation and explainer videos. Our goal is to provide step by step tutorials to make them super easy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lisa and Marc were so great and decided to provide YOU, our lovely audience, a free version of The Creator – you can find it here.

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2 thoughts on “Interview with Lisa Sylvester from Laughingbird Software

  1. Really enjoyed this interview. It’s nice to hear where a company came from, as well as where THEY think they are going! Very interesting. One thing that was not mentioned is that The Creator is available for both PC’s and MAC’s.I have The Creator and have used it for many years now. It is a fantastic and very affordable alternative to the ‘expensive’ software that is out there! ( Not naming names – they know who they are! ) If you have not tried this wonderful software, you should. Seeing is believing! I wish Marc and Lisa the very best in the future because the better they do, the better I’ll do and I know they will be there to help me!

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