Tamtam Flutes by Tambre Thompson

First Site Guide was chatting with Tambre Thompson who has been teaching private flute & piccolo lessons since 1984. She has performed throughout the Bay Area in various classical, jazz, rock and salsa groups and plays regularly at weddings and special events. She is also a member of the California Music Teacher’s Association. Today she is running a very successful website, http://www.tamtamflutes.com/, where she is teaching students lessons that include: tone development, scales, etudes, solos, duets, sight-reading, theory, and help with band music.

tambre with bandWhat inspired you to get online?

I wanted to get online because that is how everyone finds things these days! I knew if I didn’t get online, I would miss out on a lot of students.

How long did it take to create your website and were there any major costs involved?

It took about six months to get the basics of the website, and a full year before I saw any results. The costs were minimal as I had an adult student who did my website in exchange for flute lessons.

How did you choose the name for your website and in your opinion, is it important to pay attention to a domain name?

I think it is important to choose a good domain name. I chose one that I like and asked some close friends for their advice before I decided on it. I’m glad I chose the one I did.

IMG_0041What improvements you had to make in order to attract more visitors?

I have added photos and videos. I also started a Facebook page, a Yelp page with special discounts, and a Betterfly account.

Was there a visible success after improvements?

I think I get the most business from the Yelp page.

Who is your intended audience?

Parents of children ages 10-15 and adults.

tambre teachingDo you feel your online presence has helped you in any way?

I have gotten students because of my website, so yes it has helped.

Your advice for music teachers who are not sure if they need a website on their own?

Just do it! You will be glad you did!

Images © tamtamflutes.com

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