Is it WordPress? – Free Online Check Tool

Artem Minaev
Updated: October 4th, 2023
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Is it WordPress? – Free Online Check Tool

If you’ve ever asked yourself “is that website using WordPress?” you had to take some time to explore the matter further.

How people check if it is a WordPress website

So many of you did one of the following things:

  • Type and see what happens. You can’t be sure the results will be accurate, because webmasters often change the installation folder of WordPress and the login URL
  • Open an image in new tab and check the URL to see if it refers to WordPress (for instance
  • The easiest way is to search in the footer for “Powered by WordPress” signature
  • View the web page source (CTRL + U) and try to find any telltale signs of WordPress. Relevant words are also wp-content and wp-admin

But do you really need to go through all that trouble? Absolutely not. Now you can quickly check any website with our Is It WordPress free online tool to find out if a site is running on WordPress.

Quickly find out if a website uses WordPress and other details about it. Just enter the domain name and click “Find out”

Some impressive facts about WordPress

  • WordPress powers almost a quarter of all sites on the web
  • 23% of all new domains in the USA are powered by WordPress
  • WordPress has officially been translated into 56 languages
  • 71% of WordPress blog posts are written in the English language
  • WordPress 4.6 alone has been downloaded more than 9 million times
  • It has tens of thousands of new downloads every day
  • Just the official repository has more than two thousand themes and 46 thousand plugins

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