Use keyboard shortcuts while working with comments

After you start writing your blog, you will want people to react on your articles and leave a comment or two. More comments you have, more interesting your article becomes and therefore your website grows a little with each new sentence visitors leave behind.

While you still have only a few comments here and there, managing them won’t be a hard job. But if you, hopefully, get to attract more people to comment on your stuff, moderating comments can become a job for itself. Don’t forget there will be spam comments which you will have to filter out, some comments will have to be approved, some not. While some will require your answer, the other ones won’t and some will have to be deleted. The story goes on, but the key is that managing comments takes time.Unless you help yourself and decide to take advantage of features WordPress already offers you.

While keyboard shortcuts are already there, it’s a chance you’ve missed them out even if you’re working with WordPress for months. That’s why we’re going to show you a quick way to moderate comments only with your keyboard.

First, you will have to enable keyboard shortcuts if you haven’t done so already:

  1. Navigate to Users -> Your Profile
  2. Find “Enable keyword shortcuts for comment moderation” option and check it

That was easy, wasn’t it? Now that you have checked the box, you’re ready to use keyboard shortcuts on your comments.

If you are not used to navigating through content via keyboard, it might actually take you a day or two to get used to that, but after you get accustomed to shortcuts, you will save a lot of time and leave yourself some extra time for other work around your articles.

Shortcuts are designed to be used by both hands on a QWERTY styled keyboard so that you can go through the content as fast as possible – navigating with one hand and doing actions with the other.

Let’s see what shortcuts are there and how to use them. Press the letter on your keyboard in order to do a certain action:

  • J – Move down the selection; next comment
  • K – Move up the selection; previous comment

To select a first comment once you open a page, press “J”. That’s how easy comment navigation can be. Now that you have learnt how to navigate through comments, let’s see how to perform actions on them easily:

  • A – Approve selected comment
  • U – Unapprove selected comment and send it back into moderation
  • S – Send selected comment to spam folder
  • D – Delete selected comment. If you’re using an older WP, the comment will go to Trash
  • Z – Restore comment which you have deleted or activate the Undo action for selected row
  • R – Reply to a comment. Press ESC if you decide that you don’t want to reply
  • Q – Open Quick Edit
  • E – Open Edit screen for a selected comment

Now you can quickly moderate single comments. But if you want to become even quicker, you will be interested in bulk moderation. Still using keyboard shortcuts, you can select multiple comments and act on them as a group. To check selected comment for bulk moderation, you will have to use “X”. To toggle the checkboxes, use SHIFT+X which will invert your selection, i.e. check or uncheck the checkbox. After that, you are ready for moderation:

  • SHIFT+A – Approve all checked comments
  • SHIFT+U – Unapprove checked comments
  • SHIFT+S – Mark checked comments as spam
  • SHIFT+D – Delete checked comments
  • SHIFT+T – Move checked comments to trash
  • SHIFT+Z – Restore checked comments from the Trash

That’s it. As you can now see, while there are quite a lot shortcuts to get used to, they all make sense and we’re sure you will be using shortcuts without any problems.

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