Did you know about Periodic table of WordPress plugins?

There are more than 35,000 plugins which can be found in WordPress plugin repository. Among that number, it is impossible to find all the plugins which might be of your interest but finding the best (or let’s better say the most popular ones) can be a bit easier task.

Instead of browsing all the plugins and creating a list of the most popular ones, you can see 108 most popular plugins from the repository in a form of periodic table of elements.

Of course, instead of chemical elements arranged in order of atomic number, Periodic table of WordPress plugins will show you 108 WordPress plugins ordered by the number of active installs; although, when you click on the element, you will see a number of lifetime downloads.


Periodic table of WordPress plugins


Every plugin has its own number and abbreviation. If you click on the “element” you can see more details about the plugin in certain position.

For example, number 1 on the table is Akismet with AK symbol. If you click on it, you can see who created the plugin, which version is currently available, a short description of the plugin and a number of downloads which is 44,566,564 at the moment.

Since there are only basic information to be found on each and every plugin on the table, it is obvious you have to have some experience with WordPress to understand every item. If you want to continue your hunt for the most popular plugins, you should browse the WordPress plugin repository where you can sort the plugins by popularity, add favorites if you log in to your account and search plugins by their name or description.

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