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A knowledge base is a technology which is used to store complex information on any computer system. When we’re talking about the web, a knowledge base is a system which shows that information on a website which can be accessible to anyone. This site will include articles, tips and different resources about a particular product or service. It will help customers find what they want without having to contact you. How cool is that?

Maybe you think that such a system requires special software to control everything, and you would be right. But if you have a WordPress site, your problems are already solved! Let us show you KnowAll, a premium WordPress theme which will transform your plain old boring site into a complete knowledge base.

KnowAll – WordPress Knowledge Base Theme

PRICE: $99

KnowAll - WordPress knowledge base theme

Creating a knowledge base has never been easier. With this premium WordPress knowledge base theme, you can start working on one immediately. KnowAll will guide you through the creation of a knowledge base; it will let you write and manage articles, upload attachments, allow customers to rate the answers, show you detailed statistics, work with numerous settings, and it will still act like a standard WordPress theme which can be customized in details.

The theme is completely responsive, so you don’t have to worry about displaying KnowAll on smartphones and tablets – it does look beautiful no matter the screen size!

Key Features

KnowAll is a WordPress theme, but you can imagine it as an entire knowledge base system. Since it comes packed with two plugins, the theme has numberless features which all combined make a perfect solution for your site. Here are the key features which will surely make you more interested in KnowAll:

  • Powerful search bar
  • Detailed analytics system
  • Useful shortcodes
  • Article attachments
  • Dedicated widgets
  • User restriction
  • Revision history
  • Automatic updates
  • Compatible with Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms & Contact Form 7
  • Translation ready

Quick Installation

To help you get started, the developers recently included a new setup assistant which will do the dirty work for you. After uploading the theme to your WordPress, there are only four simple steps until you can start working on the knowledge base. You will need your license key after which the theme installs two plugins that are necessary for the knowledge base to function correctly, you can upload the demo content and click the button to visit your new site. How awesome is that?

KnowAll setup

Working With Articles

Instead of working with the regular WordPress posts, KnowAll lets you organize everything through articles, tags, and categories.

Adding a new article is practically the same as adding a new post. After opening a blank editor, you get to write a new entry for the knowledge base. Everything is quite familiar, but the fun part starts just below the editor. Here, you will find a new meta-field which will let you upload attachments to an article. Choose any media file from the library or upload a new one. This file will now be a part of your knowledge base, and all users will have a chance to download it to their computers. If your article required additional graphs, diagrams, images, videos or anything else to go with it, adding attachments is a perfect way of allowing the extra content.

If you use KnowAll to create knowledge base system with WordPress, you can expect fewer support tickets and happier customers.

If you’ve ever visited a knowledge base online, you must have come across a simple voting system. This fantastic WordPress knowledge base theme has one integrated, and you can use it by default. The voting system asks a visitor if the article was helpful enough. By collecting the answers, you can manage the knowledge, get to know your customers, and improve the answers. The entire idea behind KnowAll is to create a system that helps users, so you have to do everything in your power to make the site as useful as possible. With all the features the theme offers, that isn’t so hard.

KnowAll voting system

If you glance to the right side, there will be a new widget showing quick stats about your article. The widget will show the number of views, votes and the status of the attachments. To get a better understanding of how things work for your site, you will be interested in the analytics system (more about that later).

A Powerful Search Bar

KnowAll makes it easy to organize, tag, and manage articles at any time. Still, it wouldn’t be that practical to have your customers scroll through all the articles until they get to one they wanted. That’s why you must test KnowAll’s search bar.

KnowAll search bar gives instant answers

The search bar gives instant answers, and it connects the query with all articles from your knowledge base. Since the immediate answers show the title and a summary, a huge number of queries can be resolved in a matter of seconds. The system also suggests articles as customers type so you can relax because KnowAll will act as your personal assistant and serve customers while you work on other things.

Detailed Analytics

Although still in the beta phase, Analytics is top-notch! Everything you want to know about your articles and the entire knowledge base will be included in the system. For starters, there are predefined time periods so you can quickly see the statistics for all time, just last seven or thirty days, or even the entire last year. Of course, you get to add a custom period by entering the dates you interested in.

KnowAll Analytics

The dashboard contains a beautiful graph which displays searches and transfers overview, articles feedback (the voting system we mentioned) and the search effectiveness. Just take a look at the screenshot, and you’ll get the idea of how beautiful the analytics system really is.

If you are interested in more details about transfers, search, and feedback, you can open the separate tabs on the analytics page. Although the graphs look beautiful, they’re not there to represent art; learn from them and improve your knowledge base so that your users can have a better experience. As you can see, KnowAll makes it easy for you so take advantage of that!

Theme Customization

Even though we’re talking about the entire knowledge base system for WordPress, let’s not forget that KnowAll is a WordPress theme in the first place. What that means is that you get to customize it to your likings. Just like with any other themes you’ve worked with, all it takes is to navigate to Appearance -> Customize. With KnowAll, you get to work with the header and footer information, it’s easy to change the colors, site width, fonts, and much more.

If you decide to change styling for the homepage, you can choose a different side for the sidebar, change titles, organize archives in columns, and so on.

Change settings for your categories and articles, and if you want to customize the theme in more details, there is a simple Custom CSS box where you can work on the elements by hand.

Whether you need a simple knowledge base included in a gorgeous WordPress theme or you want to build a complex system with hundreds of answers, KnowAll is the WordPress knowledge base theme you should look for.

Don’t forget to check out the demo site, and we’re sure you will join the family of more than 18,000 happy HeroThemes users.

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  1. Which plugin(s) would you recommend so that certain co-workers — not all registered users, only a select few — could work in the knowledge base (adding new items, editing existing items and removing/deactivating items), but can’t edit pages and posts outside of the knowledge base? Ideally, I would be able to limit the ‘editing abilities’ for each ‘authorized co-worker’ to one or more specific categories as well.

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