Best WordPress lead generation plugins – get more subscribers and grow your lists

Since you’ve already opened the article, we guess you know the value of email marketing, and you want to get more subscribers on your list. Well, who doesn’t? Sure, there are different methods of luring in people to leave their email addresses, but that’s not something you want. Instead, you should provide quality content and interest visitors into giving you email addresses. Not because they fell for your trick, but because they want to stay in touch and get more of what you offer, and in the end, buy your product.

Smart people have written entire books on email marketing strategies, so we’re not going to try cover that in one relatively short article. Since you’re probably using WordPress, we have good news for you. Instead of thinking about all the different strategies, there are excellent WP plugins which will help you with collecting email subscribers. You will just have to choose one, set up a few things and you can start collecting new emails.

Convert Pro

PRICE: $99/Year

Convert Pro is an advanced and the most lightweight lead generation WordPress plugin that lets you create attractive and conversion oriented call-to-actions such as modal popups, slide-in popups, infobars, full screens popups, in-content call-to-actions, before-after post, widget boxes, Convert Mats (Welcome mats) and more. With an intuitive drag and drop editor, you get complete control on the design to match your call-to-action with your website theme.

This reasonably priced option comes with advanced conversion techniques with the best targeting options and triggers like the exit intent, well-timed trigger, after scroll and more let you attract the right user at the right time with the message. Convert Pro integrates with over 30+ email marketing softwares and CRMs that allow you to save lead data and manage them as per your needs.

With Google Analytics integration, you are able to track the performance and even A/B test different call-to-actions (irrespective of their type) to check what works best with your audience. With the recent GDPR regulations, Convert Pro has stated that you can remain GDPR compliant while using this plugin too! On the whole, Convert Pro is a complete package of a lead generation tool built specially for marketers.

Thrive Leads

PRICE: $67/ $19 per month

Thrive Leads is a popular choice when it comes to collecting email subscribers with WordPress. The plugin combines features usually found in several different plugins and lets you create opt-in forms with ease. By using an intuitive drag & drop builder, you can customize forms in details. You get to create lightboxes, widgets, slide-ins, scroll-mats, and much more. You can create 2-step opt-in forms, lock content, create multiple choice forms… the list goes on and on.

Since this is something practically every plugin offers, Thrive Leads has more to offer. You can create segmented lists and target your visitors more accurately. You can A/B test your opt-in forms and get detailed reports and insights. It would take an entire article to cover each and every detail about this plugin, so we suggest that you take a look at the video and visit the official site for more information.

OptIn Ninja

PRICE: $39 $29

OptIn Ninja is a perfect alternative to expensive services like LeadPages, InstaPage, Unbounce or OptinMonster are. For just $29, you get everything needed to build your amazing subscribers lists. And probably even more than that. This premium plugin lets you create pop-up/lightbox and full-screen opt-in pages which will attract visitors. Since the plugin includes dozens of templates designed by professionals, you can get started in just several minutes which will be needed to set up everything. There are also more than 300 backgrounds included so you can relax and design your perfect-looking opt-in page.

The plugin lets you use one or two-step opt-in process, you can do A/B tests, analyze the details with the beautiful in-depth visits and conversion statistics page, you can even track events with Google Analytics, and do so much more. OptIn Ninja can easily connect to your MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber, Mad Mimi, ActiveCampaign, and Campaign Monitor account. You can also use local database and Facebook login for the opt-ins.

We already reviewed OptIn Ninja so make sure you check it out – we’re sure you’ll love it.

OptIn Monster

PRICE: From $9 per month

This cute little monster is one of the most popular choices among WordPress users. It lets you create several different opt-in forms like welcome gates, pop-ups, floating bars and similar. It is also completely responsive and features mobile-specific popups to help you get users’ email addresses on smartphones and tablets. There are different animations you can choose from which will allow you to grab visitors’ attention in a beautiful way.

OptIn Monster also lets you see the detailed statistics about your visitors, you get to use 2-step conversions, segment them with behavior personalization, and you can even grab the users’ attention at the very last moment – when they’re trying to leave your page. Don’t forget to check out timed opt-ins which allow you to show forms after the specific period a user spends on one of your pages.

List Builder 3

Price: Free/ $25 per month

While the most of the tools for building email list will cost you a few (or probably even more) bucks, we have to mention List Builder 3 by SumoMe which is free. Of course, the free version won’t get you everything that the premium plugins will, but for some this will be more than enough. The plugin features drag-and-drop builder which will allow you to create you opt-ins quickly.

You can set popups to appear on clicks, set timers, and even take advantage of its exit-intent functionality. This free version will work with MailChimp, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, and Constant Contact but this is a great start for new marketers out there. The plugin is customizable and works perfectly on smartphones and tablets. If you are looking for something straightforward and free, give it a try. There is also a PRO version so you can upgrade anytime you want if you decide you liked the plugin and needed more features.

WP Subscribe

PRICE: Free/$29

This plugin comes both in free and the premium versions. It is highly customizable and allows you to create forms that will capture readers’ attention. It easily connects to MailChimp, Aweber, Feedburner, GetResponse, Mailer Lite, Benchmark Email, and Mailrelay.

WP Subscribe PRO is lightweight, and it works perfectly with SEO plugins as well as caching plugins. You can expect different popup animations, triggers, as well as widget and shortcode support. By using custom HTML, you get to extend your opt-ins and customize them in details. The list of features is enormous so make sure to check them all out.


PRICE: $25 per month

While Leadpages gives you the WordPress plugin, you should know that this is the entire platform dedicated to collecting emails and lead generation. Because of that, Leadpages gives you tons of options and features, and WP plugin is just the part of the entire pallet.

Their simple yet powerful drag & drop visual builder will help you design landing pages and popups with ease and without coding knowledge. You can add text, images, buttons, counters and so much more. It is completely mobile-friendly, and it allows you to do A/B testing and to analyze your entire process. Leadpages can help you connect forms to your favorite autoresponders, but it also lets you have more control over subscribes by adding CRM and webinar platforms in the picture.

You even get to use SMS opt-in codes and 1-Click signup links to make the entire subscription process easier and more secure. It’s impossible to cover every Leadpages feature in this article, so we suggest that you discover more on the official pages. While the service is fantastic, Leadpages will cost you much more than other WordPress plugins so be sure you know you need everything before paying for it.

Leads Flow Pro

PRICE: $67

If you want the complete control over your subscribers and lead generation, Leads Flow Pro is the way to follow. This WordPress plugin is complex and so powerful that it will take you some time before you can even understand everything it offers.

Not only you get to collect subscribers, but you can automate the entire process, create gigantic lists and still be able to nurture them easily. Leads Flow Pro allows you to actually connect to your subscribers instead of just listing their email addresses. To do so, the plugin allows you to connect to more than a hundred autoresponders, CRM systems, SMS and Push notification systems, webinars and much more.

If you are really serious about managing subscribers and boosting your sales, you should see what LFP has to offer. Well, at least start to because there are so many options and features that you will get dizzy! You can do practically anything with this fantastic plugin. Learn more about it from the attached video and the official site.

Landing Lion

PRICE: Free/$99 per month

Landing Lion is the newest kid on the block and they are challenging the status quo, claiming to have the smoothest drag and drop’ page builder in the game. While they have a WordPress plugin, their entire platform is dedicated to quickly building beautiful custom web pages: websites, blogs, landing pages – you can build and host anything with Landing Lion.

They offer similar features to industry frontrunners, like unlimited A/B split testing, but as a young team fresh out of college they are hungry to make an impact. As such, they are trailblazing industry-only features such as visitor tracking which lets you watch how visitors engage with your page just like a YouTube video, and automatic SSL certificates and renewal.

Don’t take our word for it though. Unlike others in their space, Landing Lion offers a free forever plan that lets you try out their product for as long as you wish – before making a purchasing decision.

If you believed that these were the only plugins for lead generation, you’re so wrong! There are many great (and quite similar) WordPress plugins which can help you with getting more subscribers and managing them, but we can’t list them all in this article. If you didn’t like the plugins from the list (you must be a hard nut to crack in that case because all the plugins are quite amazing), there are still some options you might check:

Do you already use any of the plugins to collect emails from your visitors? How do you like it? Do you have experiences good/bad experiences with of mentioned plugins? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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