Let your authors use custom image sizes that you have created

Did you know that WordPress lets you easily define custom image sizes which you can use in your theme? Once you have registered new image sizes, you are free to use them anywhere in the theme. Still, you are limited on using those images on the backend. That means only you, as admin, can change the way pictures are being shown. Since you have already registered new image sizes which are being generated after each image uploads, why wouldn’t you let your authors use those images in their everyday posts?

In this article, we’re about to show you how to do that with the help of a plugin.

Simple Image Sizes

PRICE: free

Simple Image Sizes

Before we get to the point, you should know that this free plugin offers much more than just letting your authors display images in custom sizes. After you install and activate the plugin, all the magic is being created in Settings->Media.

Here you can create new image sizes without having to deal with the code. Simply choose a name for your custom size, define width and height and decide if and how the image will be cropped.

Here, a checkbox can be found which allows you to insert that particular image size into post editor. To allow you authors to use that image size in their posts, simply check the “Show in post insertion” checkbox and save changes. After that, you can go to any post/page, click on Add Media button, choose a picture and choose the newly created custom size.

But, when you work with custom image sizes, you always define parameters for future uploads. Don’t forget to regenerate thumbnails if you already have images in your media library. Since we’re already working with Simple Image Sizes plugin, you can do that on the same settings page by choosing posts or pages and hit on “Regenerate Thumbnails” button.

If you want a bit more control over regenerating thumbnails, you should check out how to regenerate additional image sizes with Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.

That’s it. It doesn’t matter if you have created new image sizes manually or created ones with this powerful plugin, you can show them in the post insertion and let your authors easily manipulate their images.

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