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Having multiple authors is a great thing for your site. Two, three or even more people will, of course, write more posts which will lead to more interesting site. But if you give access to your WordPress website to more than just a few people, expect more changes to your original posts. That’s if you haven’t limited your users.

WordPress already has a good drafting system which will show you all the changes made to your original posts. You can go through them, see who made the change, when it was made and WP will even highlight those changes for you. But if your authors tend to change posts frequently, you will probably want a notification about that.

That’s where Email Post Changes comes in handy. This free plugin will allow you to set up everything the way you like it and it will notify you and your other authors about any changes made to posts.

  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Navigate to Settings->Email Post Notification
  3. Check the checkbox next to “Enable” to make the plugin work

Underneath the “Enable” checkbox, you will find several settings waiting for you.

First, you will find list of users for which you can enable emails about post changes. Select any number of users you want, but we guess you will only want your authors to be notified about the changes, right?

If you need more people to know about the changes, possibly someone who isn’t registered on your website, you can specify their email address in the next field. This might come in handy if you have someone in charge of monitoring the changes but for some reason isn’t part of your author team.

Next part allows you to choose post types for which users will be notified. Select posts, pages, or any other type you want notifications for.

Last but not least, choose if you want to be notified about drafts, or only the published items.

If you try the plugin and do a change to some of your posts, you will see how good of a job the plugin can do. Your email will tell you who made the change with a link to that post, plus, you will get two revisions side by side showing any changes done in a different color. This will allow you not only to know that changes were done, but you will instantly see what has been changed so you can go on and yell at your author probably for no reason.

Without using any plugins, you can easily notify authors when their articles get published.

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