Limit comment length with Greg’s Comment Length Limiter

We have already shown you how to limit length of one comment by adding a piece of code to your theme. Like for everything in WordPress, you can find a plugin to limit your comment as well. And you might like this one – it is free, very simple to install and setup, and it works like a charm.

This plugin will add a counter box under your comment form and let your user know how many character are there left for them to type in the comment form.

Instead of messaging your visitor once he exceeds the maximum length of a comment, a user simply won’t be able to enter more characters into the form. If your user (or spam bot) overrides the JavaScript which controls this, the plugin lets you choose what to do next.

Greg’s Comment Length Limiter

PRICE: free

Greg's Comment Length Limiter

Let’s go step by step and set up the plugin:

  1. Navigate to Plugins – Add new
  2. Find ” Greg’s Comment Length Limiter”
  3. Install and activate the plugin
  4. Go to Settings -> Comment Length Limiter
  5. Show Detailed Options Pages – Here, you have several options to play with. First of all, you can show detailed explanation of every option or you can hide those. It’s up to you but we recommend leaving those activated before you finish browsing through all options.

    Upper Limit – Next, you can choose maximum length (upper limit) of your comments. Simply type in the number which will represent maximum number of characters allowed to be typed into your comment form.

    Automatically Show Countdown Box – If you leave this option, there will a box with counter found under each comment form. This is a nice way of letting your visitor know the comment length is limited and how many characters are available for typing. If you want to place the counter box somewhere else, you want to turn this options off and use a gcll_show_limit_box_manually() shortcode where you want a counter to appear.

    Text to Display After the Countdown Box – Enter text you want to be displayed next to the counter box.

    Action for Oversized Comments – Tell plugin what to do if a user doesn’t have JavaScript enabled. The plugin can leave the comment for further processing, trim the comment to length you have provided, mark the comment for moderation or mark one as a spam.

    Disable for Administrators – Administrator have a power to pass by the length limit and write whatever they want.

  6. Save changes and take a shot at writing a comment
  7. Thank Greg for this awesome, free plugin.
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2 thoughts on “Limit comment length with Greg’s Comment Length Limiter

  1. I want to use your plugin but it is compatible to my 4.8 version of WordPress. Out of curiosity I installed it and dropped the maximum characters down to “5” It didn’t work. Do you plan on upgrading your plugin? I’m more than willing to donate if it works. Thanks

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