How to limit number of tags per post

When you’re working alone, you probably don’t have to use functions and plugins to restrict yourself from posting to much or writing tags in your posts overmuch. That’s probably the case if you have a personal blog or a simple website which you can keep maintained by yourself.

But if you have more than just a few authors writing on your WordPress website, the chances are not all of them will always take care about the rules you have created.

Although, sometimes, more tags are better options than having just one or none, too many tags is not good for your site either. Placing too many tags in a post will sooner or later lose its purpose. So if you have to limit your authors on few tags, you can do that easily. Of course, there is a plugin for that and this one is free and easy to install and set up.

WP Limit tag

PRICE: free

Since the plugin is free, you only have to install and activate it before you go to the settings area. Once you do that, you can easily set the maximum number of tags a user can use in a post. After you save changes, when an author gets to the set up limit, “Add New” button will simply disappear and make adding new tags impossible. That way, your authors will have to choose only the most suitable tags for a post.

Not only that, but you have a power to choose which post types are restricted by this plugin and which aren’t, while the plugin will work for all taxonomies which aren’t hierarchical.

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