How to lock plugins and themes from updates

Although there are different techniques of keeping your core files intact, like having a child theme for example or creating a site specific plugin where you can enter the code, sometimes there’s no way around.

Maybe you didn’t know better a few months ago when you were working on your first site. Maybe you had to take over a WP website from someone else. There are plenty of reason why a code might be changed in the core files and now you’re stuck with plugins and themes you can’t update.

If you update a theme or a plugin, all modification will be lost. Notifications about updates will be coming in and you can easily choose not to update your theme or a plugin. But why to worry and think it over and over again if there’s a better solution.

Lock Your Update


Lock your updates

That solution comes in a form of a free plugin. Lock Your Update plugin will help you deal with the problem and let you lock or unlock specific plugins or themes. After you lock a plugin/theme, there will still be notifications about new updates, but you won’t have to worry about accidentally hitting the update button. There will be a nice little green lock icon for unlocked, or a red one for locked items so you can easily find the plugin/theme under plugin’s protection.

Another great thing about this plugin are notes. Next to every plugin/theme you lock, you are free to write a note where you can leave yourself a reminder of changes done to a plugin/theme and a reminder of why it’s locked. This is also a great option to have if you are working with more than one administrator or if you’re leaving a site to someone else.

Lock Your Update will work great in a multisite and in that case, it’s very easy to see where the locked plugins or themes are located.

Simply install and activate the plugin, then go to your plugins or themes where you will find a new column with new icons. Choose to lock or to unlock a plugin, leave a note and enjoy your carefree updates.

Do you want to check is a specific plugin is active or not? Here’s a simple solution to that.

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