Make your sticky navigation menu with plugins

We taught you how to create a sticky navigation menu simply by changing a line of CSS code in your theme. But, no matter how easy this might be, not everyone likes to go through WordPress files and edit the code themselves. If you’re that type of person or you need more control over the menu, don’t worry. You can easily set up your menu and make it sticky by using plugins. In this article we’re going to show you some of the best.

Sticky Menu Plugin

PRICE: $17

If you need an extra menu which you want to place on top of your page and make it sticky, this plugin is something you should consider. It is responsive and it comes with over 20 different styles. Sticky Menu Plugin allows you to create mega menu while its settings panel will let you manage everything without writing a single line of code. It is important to have WordPress custom menus activated to have this plugin work properly. The plugin is very simple to use – choose a menu, give it a style, animation effects and alignment and there you have your new sticky menu.

UberMenu Sticky Extension


UberMenu Sticky Extension is add-on for UberMenu plugin which means you have to install this plugin first to make the extension work. The extension makes everything simple; after the installation, you’re ready to make your menu sticky. No matter where you place your menu, once a user starts scrolling, the menu will stick on top of the page and make it easily accessible. To make sure mobile users can access every part of the menu, the sticky option goes off once a mobile device is detected. There is no much to add here – check out the demo and if you already have UberMenu, go ahead and make your menu sticky.



This plugin is designed to be used on Twenty Thirteen theme. But if you tweak it a bit, you may use it on any theme you like. By default, it uses theme’s navigation CSS class “.navbar”. So if you want to use it on some other theme, you have to find the class which your theme uses to describe the navigation menu and change the name of that class. If your theme is responsive, the plugin will also be responsive. If you want to modify it more, you are welcome to enter your custom CSS styles and make your sticky menu even more personalized.

Sticky Menu (or Anything!) on Scroll


This plugin will allow you to place your menu on top and make it sticky. But not only that, the plugin will allow you to make any element sticky just by finding the right selector for the element. That means you can make your logo or even entire header stuck on the top of the page while user scrolls through your website. To make everything work, you will have to know a little bit about HTML and CSS so you can find the right selector.


PRICE: $14

Unlike the aforementioned plugins, SticklrWP won’t make your standard menu sticky. Instead, it will create a side panel menu which is going to float on the side depending on how you scroll the page. The plugin is very easy to install and manage and you’re ready to have a new side menu panel done in a few minutes. You can set up everything in a matter of minutes and you’re not required to know HTML, CSS or Jquery to make it work. Go on, check out the demo page to see how the plugin works.


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