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It seems that owning a business website has somewhat become a standard since the benefits so blatantly outweigh the costs. Furthermore, customers and clients tend to trust a business with an online presence more, much in the way you would trust a business that has a phone number more than one that doesn’t. These are all clear signals of improvement but there is still a bit of mystery as to what exactly a website can do, how much it costs, and how it can benefit a business.

In this infographic, we used a visual approach to explain the concept of a website and its function. Still, the dynamic nature of website development and the specific goals websites can be created for can make it hard to categorize them in a clear-cut manner. This doesn’t mean that we can’t identify the most common types, but keep in mind that they can be a lot of things.

Another thing that is unclear in a lot of situations is the actual process of creating a website. Each project needs to go through the same creation stages because this ensures that every loose end is tightened and that decisions are made at the right time. In a lot of cases, not following these stages leads to confusion and problems that can drag on for years.

Finally, a common issue is picking the right development method. Some situations may require a simple website builder while, on the other end of the spectrum, you may need a team of experienced developers and months of development time.

Check out our infographic and feel free to drop a comment!

How to Make a Website - Infographic

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