Marcel Sobieski Interview

Anya Skrba
Updated: January 2nd, 2021
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Marcel Sobieski Interview

Marcel, you’ve established yourself as an expert in WordPress area. Can you explain in more details, what WPMatic actually is, basically, what do you guys do? is a white label 360 degrees 1-on-1 support and development center for any website issue, from installation, migration, backups, performance optimization, updates, to individual customization and site’s security. This is the official definition of WPMatic 🙂 To put it in human terms, it goes like we can create a website or ecommerce platform for you and fully care about it, making you forget about the technical side of things.

What does this mean for our clients? Widening of the range of services provided, respectfully increasing their value for the clients, strengthening their market position and benefiting from the significant cost savings. They simply shift the heavy technical load onto our shoulders, focusing on their business growth.

The idea of WPMatic as well as my and my team’s WordPress expertise started growing since 2012, when we launched our Premium WordPress Theme Club – Thanks to a growing number of people requiring out help in themes installation, migration and even full customization, we realized that many people actually need help in WordPress, finding it not that simple. That’s true – in last years WordPress became too complicated due to it’s versatility. That’s why we’ve launched WPMatic – a dedicated service, which was then a WordPress support and development center.

Now we are enjoying the growing number of inquiries from individuals and digital agencies for full design and development of websites and other web production like web portals, ecommerce websites, marketing and sales materials. We are also being approached for SEO and Speed Optimization. This was and still is our main idea – to offer a full solution in one place, so that the clients wouldn’t need to appeal to 3 different companies. And the both sides are fully satisfied with the current state of affairs and their perspectives.

So, you guys provide WordPress support and maintenance services. But there are already many services on the web which do the similar thing. What makes you different from others?

We are not accustomed to neglect the chance to make our clients happy and value their appreciation and return. WPMatic team stands for the personal approach. We are absolutely flexible, open to possible cooperation and ready to contribute our skills to your project, thus increasing its value. WPMatic is ready to create a dedicated team for your needs within 10 business days.


– European Software Development House ready to start the project for you at any moment.

– All team members (developers, designers, marketers, SMMs) located in 1 office, ready to handle any urgent project.

– No freelancers or outsource.
– The possibility to hire up to 6 new specialists the next morning.
– White label – your clients won’t feel the project is shifted to WPMatic. Get paid directly by them and shift the development process to us.
– No monthly fees, no hidden costs and individual price adaptations. Just pay for the time worked.

On top of that, very human and personal approach, that makes our cooperations beyond work, and for a kind of a friendship and partnership, with our clients and agencies. We launched an affiliate program as a part of that. Many of our happy clients recommend WPMatic because they are personally convinced of its reliability.

Is there by any a chance a reason why would you recommend other CMS instead of WordPress? I’m sure our readers would like to hear your thoughts on this topic!

We recommend WordPress because it is absolutely universal, can meet almost every possible need and has a very big generously contributing community. But if a user needs not a fully featured website, but simply a blog, we would recommend Medium or Ghost. They are easier to use than WordPress. At the end of the day, it is about preferences and needs, and, of course about the team that is handling your online presence.

Since many our readers are just stepping into the world of WordPress, what are the top three plugins you advise them to use and why?

One of the biggest issues website owners encounter, is when their websites get hacked. So we definitely recommend Wordfence Security by Wordfence, that is a full-featured security plugin and keeps your website absolutely safe.

The second suggestion would be Updraftplus. It helps building backups for your files and databases into the cloud. Restore process is plain simple. I’m sure you know better than me what a terrible mess can the absence of a backup cause.

Jetpack would be our third suggestion. It contains an array of tools for traffic and SEO, security and backup. Jetpack can also speed up images and videos, save on bandwidth costs, and create beautiful content.

Any future plans for WPMatic, how do you see yourself in 3 years?

WordPress is a constantly growing industry, both in terms of technology and the number of users. So I assume the comprehensive technical assistance with WordPress websites will still be widely required in 3 years and even later.

WPmatic cover

WPMatic doesn’t focus entirely on WordPress. Our experience, accumulated in the preceding projects, allowed us to become a full cycle support, customization, maintenance & development company for any website in the last 2 years. I am planning WPMatic to develop in this direction and become the most preferred technical partner for any digital agency on Earth 🙂 I see WPMatic’s perspectives in 3 years as very optimistic, including a bigger team, covering the integral technical part of IT Services, not only WordPress.

Is there any other project, besides, in which you are currently involved in?

At the moment all our focus is on WPMatic, to grow it big enough to be a constant running profitable business and then yes, we have in the queue 2 projects, which are not related to WP at all. It is rather a mobile app, that a lot of people need, but, perhaps did not think about making one. I think we will be able to start working on them in the Q2 of 2018.

Let’s wrap up with a little bit of fun – if you could chit chat with anyone from WordPress (or any other) niche – living, dead (or even historical), who would you make a coffee?

The first one that comes to my mind is someone not from WordPress, although he is from the world of press, it’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I would enjoy a drink with him, I have many questions for him and for sure his answers will be dope or total trolling 🙂

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P.S. Make sure to check out Marcel’s special message for FirstSiteGuide’s readers:

Marco, thank you for the opportunity to speak to FirstSiteGuide’s community. Your digest is being followed by us since some time now and we like your added value to the WP ecosystem and Internet itself. Kudos for that! We have a small gift for your readers, we want them to finally finish and launch their websites or ecommerce platforms that they postponed for some tech reasons. To make that happen today, we give them a solid 30% discount for the lifetime for web development, design, customization, monthly/yearly maintenance and support, using this coupon FSG30.

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