8 fantastic plugins & services to monitor server uptime and website performance

When starting a blog, the last thing that will come up to your mind will be plugins and services that will monitor server uptime and website performance. You will have to design your site, configure WordPress themes and plugins, and you will fight for every new visitor. At the time, you will believe that your hosting provider will do its job and that it will keep the promise – your site will be up and running 99% of the time. Is that really true?

Well, the answer is both yes and no; most of the hosting companies will make that promise. While your site is still not consuming plenty of their resources, that might even be through for all of the hosting companies. But when you start building up your site, and the number of visitors skyrocket, things will definitely change. It won’t suffice to open your site now and then to check if everything’s working fine. You will need someone else to monitor server uptime and website performance all the time.

No, stop right there! Don’t try to find a person who will keep on refreshing your site in order to see if it is running normally. Don’t try to find a person that will keep doing manual tests to see if your WordPress blog is performing at its best. And don’t rely on yourself – it’s impossible to track down everything all the time. Of course, you already know that. But if you still haven’t heard about plugins and services which will do all of that for you, the title of this article made you want to learn more.

Without any further ado, let’s see some of the best plugins and services to monitor server uptime and website performance in WordPress.

Smart Monitor PRO

PRICE: From $4.89

SmartMonitor PRO Dashboard

Let’s start the list with a premium WordPress plugin that will do much more than just keep an eye of the online status of your server. Besides it will monitor server uptime, SmartMonitor PRO will regularly watch over NS and WHOIS records. The plugin will let you know if you picked up a malware or if a hacker tampered with your site. It will also check WordPress core files and the site content for any changes.

If anything suspicious happens, SmartMonitor PRO will let you know. You can opt in to receive emails, notifications, and even SMS messages the very moment a problem occurs.

Even if something terrible happens (for example, if someone is changing the NS records for your domain or the server is behaving strangely), you will know that immediately. You will be able to react instantly and save your site. We already reviewed this fantastic plugin so please check more details in the full SmartMonitor PRO review.


PRICE: From $11.95

Pingdom is a popular choice to monitor server uptime. Once you create a free account, Pingdom will start watching your website. It will test the site from more than seventy locations to ensure that everything works fine.

In case something seems unfunctional, Pingdom will automatically send you email or push notification. If you choose any premium plan, you’ll be able to receive SMS notifications as well.

The service will collect data about your site, and you will get to see detailed reports on how to improve it. If you’re not at your desktop computer, you can get valuable data, alerts, and statuses directly on your smartphone (there are both Android and iOS versions of the official app).

Service Uptime


Service Uptime

If you choose Service Uptime to monitor server uptime for free, you can check any website, or actually any port of your choice, from ten worldwide locations. The free service will check your site every thirty or sixty minutes.

You also get statistics for the whole period of monitoring, and it’s good to know that those stats will never be deleted.

Service Uptime will notify you about problems via email. You can opt in to receive SMS instead, but you will have to pay for the message packages. If you want more options, you should know that there is a premium version of the service which will cost you $4.95 per month.


PRICE: Build your plan

Monitis is an all-in-one monitoring solution that will cover your monitoring needs completely. If you choose Monitis, you won’t have to install plugins nor any software in order to start watching over your site. It will take you up to three minutes to set up an account, and then the service will take over.

This fantastic service lets you build your own plan. That means that you get to choose how many monitors you want, and how often do you want them to test your site. Besides that, you can even watch real user interaction. Want more? Monitis can measure the load time of your website which includes JS, CSS, Flash, images, and external scripts. You can even monitor transactions, servers, applications, and much more.

You even get to choose how many SMS and call alerts you can receive per month. It’s really an all-in-one tool so you have to check it out.


PRICE: From $9

If you want to have a complete monitoring solution, Site24x7 is another amazing service you should consider. It will watch over your website from more than 60 locations, and it can test response time from different aspects; test DNS time, connection time, first-byte time, last byte time, etc.

Site 24×7 will analyze your site in details. The service can check CSS, images, links, and AJAX requests. It can verify content accuracy, and detect errors. Of course, you will get instant notifications if anything goes wrong.

If we continue describing the features, we could fill the entire article, so we’ll leave the rest to you to explore. Just to mention a few more, you can get Webpage Defacement Monitoring, FTP Monitoring, REST API Monitoring, SSL Certificate Monitoring, Ping, TCP Port, POP, IMAP and SMTP Monitoring, and much, much more.

Uptime Robot


More than 360,000 users trust this simple monitoring tool. It’s completely free, it allows you to observe HTTP(s), ping, port, and keywords, and it will test your site from different locations to make sure reports are accurate.

If the service finds a problem, it will alert you via e-mail, SMS, push, Twitter, Slack, HipChat, webhooks, and different other services.

You can define your own time periods when Uptime Robot will check your site, and you can even ignore minor downtimes by setting the options correctly. If you like Uptime Robot, you should know that there’s also a WordPress plugin which can show the stats and reports directly on your WP dashboard. If you need a simple and free service to monitor server uptime, you just have to check Uptime Robot.

Jetpack by WordPress.com


Jetpack is a plugin that doesn’t need a special introduction. With more than 3 million active users, it’s one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. Since Jetpack offers dozens and dozens of amazing features for WordPress users, we’re not going into details about the plugin itself. We’re just going to mention that Jetpack features a free downtime and uptime monitoring.

Although some of the other services mentioned in the article will monitor server uptime and website performance much better than this module, the chances are that you already have Jetpack installed. In that case, if all you want to know is if your server stopped responding, this plugin will do a great job.

ManageWP Worker


ManageWP Uptime Monitor

ManageWP is another popular WordPress plugin that many of you already know and use. It’s packed with features and modules that will help you take care of your WordPress site. With ManageWP, you can backup and restore your site, manage multiple sites from one location, clear spam, update themes and plugins, and do much more. As you guessed, that’s not why we’re listing this plugin on the list.

Although it has much to offer, today we would like to accentuate just Uptime Monitor. Unfortunately, the service isn’t free. But as you can see from our link above, you can monitor server uptime with ManageWP for as low as $1 per month. The service will test your site each minute, and it will let you know when something goes wrong via Email, SMS or Slack. ManageWP will even notify you when your site recovers and gets online again. You can add additional emails for notifications, check the overview and even get reports.

Before we prolong this list into the oblivion, we’ll stop right here. There are actually tons of great plugins and services that can monitor server uptime and website performance. As you could have seen from the article, there are free ones that offer basic services, while the premium ones will give you the details you might not even understand well. To find the best ones, you’ll have to put your needs on the paper – after that, the “winner” will filter out.

Unfortunately, many WordPress plugins that can monitor server uptime have been abandoned in the recent years. But, SAAS took over, and it has been doing a great job ever since!

In the ends, if all you want is a tool that will occasionally test your server from a few locations, choose a free option. But if you want more options, more accurate tests, and detailed stats and reports, choose a premium plan from any of the services we mentioned; it will be worth it.

Do you monitor server uptime for your site? Which plugins and service do you use? Let us know more in the comments.

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  1. I use both Uptime Robot and StatusCake. Both are free and check at regular intervals, sending an e-mail when a site appears to go down (and comes back online). Some sites also have Jetpack enabled, giving me a third free uptime checker, though I’ve found Jetpack sends downtime e-mails more often than the others, making me doubt its accuracy…

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