Oasis Workflow – automate editorial review process and increase productivity

When working alone, things might get much easier. Well, at least it might seem so.  You will be the one who writes, the one who reviews, the one who makes changes, approves and publishes. But if you really think you can do everything by yourself and you still haven’t realized that working without a team is practically impossible, we’re sure things will change soon enough for you. There are numberless perks to working in teams. And no matter how good a team is, there’s always room for improvement. With Oasis Workflow, you will get a chance to automate WordPress editorial review process and increase productivity. See how.

WordPress, as a CMS, helps you to create and manage content. Oasis Workflow takes it to the next level by helping you automate your content review process using editorial workflows.

Oasis Workflow

PRICE: $79

Oasis Workflow for WordPress
By using an intuitive drag & drop graphical user interface, Oasis Workflow allows everyone to organize their workflow. Whether you have a small team of just a few members or your team counts dozens of contributors, this fantastic plugin will be the right choice for you. Since there is a free version available for download from the official WordPress repository, you can start organizing content review immediately.

Although you won’t get all the features with the free version, it will be a great start for small teams. But if you want a complete automation, support for revised published content and awesome add-ons, you will want to check out the PRO version.

For starters, there are three basic processes you get to work with:

  • Assignment – anything related to content generation
  • Review – evaluation process
  • Publish – distribution process

The processes can be easily arranged on the interactive board; building a workflow actually feels like you’re drawing on a board and explaining to team members what they’re supposed to do. Although very easy to work with, Oasis Workflow is packed with features. You can customize every process in details. You can specify users and/or user roles participating in a particular workflow step, connect these steps with success and failure links, create personalized email messages that will notify members of their tasks, and much more. Also, you’re just a click away from defining first and the last step, while there can be as many processes in the workflow as you need.

How to create editorial workflows

Creating a new workflow is easy. After activating the plugin, you can open the Workflow Design Canvas. It represents your drawing board where you get to add processes and customize them in the very details. Here’s what to do:

  1. Drag and Drop processes from the right side
  2. Choose assignees, post status, review settings and create email templates
  3. Connect processes
  4. Add start and end dates for your workflow
  5. Save changes

How to use editorial workflows

Once you have defined your editorial workflow, it will become available for use. Let’s say your team is tasked to create a new article. After writing the initial draft, the author can submit the post to the workflow for review. The author can select the workflow, choose one or multiple editor(s), and provide comments. The editor(s) will receive an email message and a task in their inbox.

Now your post can get from one process to the other. Depending on how you’ve organized your workflow, people who are part of the process will be able to edit articles, approve them, sign off, and in the end, publish it to the web immediately or schedule. After that, you can relax and start working on getting more traffic to your site.

Workflow history

The entire history of the workflow can be easily analyzed. You will get to see each step in the workflow with times of their completion. It is an important Oasis Workflow feature which allows administrators to control practically everything.

Here, you also get to see review comments, sign off timestamps, status and step information. If you need more time to analyze the entire thing, you can quickly download the history report.

Update posts without taking them offline

Every now and then, you will have to update your articles. Whether you’ve found a mistake or you just have to add new info, it is important to edit posts without errors. Instead of taking the entire post offline or making the changes on the live one, Oasis Workflow lets you painlessly do the modifications.

Easily manage revisions

Oasis Workflow creates a copy of the article, allows you to put it through the custom workflow, and then it automatically updates the original article. Easy, quick and error proof.

That means that you can relax knowing that changes being done to the articles won’t be visible to anyone publicly. Once you send your revision through the workflow and it gets approved by the editors, Oasis Workflow takes care of everything else, and you’ll have your article updated in a systematic procedure.

A must-have for every team working with WordPress

It’s been a while since we come across such a unique and creative WordPress plugin. Oasis Workflow is so powerful and flexible, yet it’s very easy to master. Yes, it might take a few days before you get used to the new workflow created with the plugin, but once you realize that it has saved you a lot of time and nerves, it won’t be possible to work without it.

We invite you to install the plugin and test it out. You can easily request your free demo site, as well. If you liked it, be sure to check out the giveaway where you can choose Oasis Workflow PRO version as one of the prizes!

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