OptIn Ninja Review – a great alternative to LeadPages, OptinMonster, Instapage & Unbounce

If you’re serious about building a website, sooner or later you will need to find a way of attracting new visitors and collecting their email addresses. And when you get there, you’ll find out that there are many options to choose from. But since the age of the warriors in feudal Japan, one of the most popular ways of getting new subscribers is by creating landing or squeeze pages.

Did you know that 83% of all real-life ninjas were hired based on squeeze pages? OK, it’s obvious that we made this up, but that’s only because we want to show you the importance of landing pages.

In this modern era, ninjas are somewhat different. They have swapped katanas and nunchucks for laptops and tablets. Instead of counting victims successfully hit by a single shuriken, modern ninjas are counting subscribers, they are testing optin pages and measuring growth. The best of them is know as OptIn Ninja.

This awesome guy comes in a form of a premium WordPress plugin which we are about to describe in today’s article.

OptIn Ninja

PRICE: $29

Optin Ninja dashboard analytics

This premium WordPress plugin comes packed with a full backpack (did ninjas use backpacks?) of tools and features. If you learn how to use them correctly, OptIn Ninja will reward you with a huge number of new subscribers who will be happy to be a part of your community. Let’s tone down the talk about ninjas and get serious about the plugin. In the end, you’ll see it deserves respect.

The plugin counts more than 1000 active users and it has an average rating of 4.56 based on 34 ratings. Customers have shared some great reviews about the plugin; here’s what one of them thinks about OptIn Ninja:

“The plugin is an awesome alternative to spending big bucks on a monthly landing page cms. It integrates perfectly with ActiveCampaign and I love that it puts the landing pages to their own tab. Very, very good right out of the box. Also, had a bit of a glitch setting it up to integrate with ActiveCampaign but the WebFactory support team was very helpful and quick about diving in to help me fix the problem. They pushed an update immediately and now it works like a dream. Highly recommend and will use with my clients as well.”

If you buy OptIn Ninja, the first thing you will notice about it is how easy the plugin can be installed and set up. After the standard installation procedure, you can have your custom optin page set up in a matter of minutes. To make everything even simpler, developers included several example pages which you can use without having to edit anything but your autoresponder of choice. To make that even better, the last version of OptIn Ninja brought us 20 templates featuring different background images, videos and unique page designs you can use.

The plugin is responsive and it works with all WordPress themes and plugins. It’s great to know that you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues and that you can invest your time in building a custom page instead. Just make sure that you use WordPress 3.8 or a newer version. Since it’s the really old version of WP, that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone.


Since the plugin is designed to attract new subscribers, it is important that it works with different autoresponders on the market. If you had to write down each and every new email you get, we would be back in the feudal ages. Don’t worry; OptIn Ninja got you covered. It supports MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Mad Mimi, ActiveCampaign, and Campaign Monitor via API. That means that you can connect your account and subscriber lists within a few clicks of the mouse button. But in case you’re not using one of these autoresponders, you should know that the plugin allows you to connect any autoresponder which can generate an HTML form. And that’s practically all of them.

If that’s not enough for you, OptIn Ninja has another hidden pocket in its backpack. It allows you to get subscribers directly and to collect all the info in a local database. In that case, you don’t need a 3rd party service. You can even use Facebook to get new people interested in your product/service. If you thought that in this case, you don’t have an autoresponder, you couldn’t be more wrong. That’s because the plugin brings a “Welcome email” feature which can be adjusted to your needs in order to send automatic emails to your new subscribers. Awesome, isn’t it?


Once you start to edit an example page, a template or you start building a landing page from scratch, you will see that OptIn Ninja creates an open canvas in front of you. The plugin allows you to create a single page or a pop-up which can be designed in details. Use the visual editor to write text, insert images and videos, style fonts, change colors, and much more. Personalize buttons, add borders and change a background. Want a video background instead an image one? Sure, Optin Ninja allows you to do so.

Optin Ninja customization

You don’t even have to worry about images. Once you install the plugin, you also install the image bundle which consists of 250 background images and 50 HD ones. You can use to those to create static or slider backgrounds.

Dashboard and Analytics

The dashboard has been completely refreshed in the new version of OptIn Ninja. Although the color might be the first thing users have noticed, that’s actually the least important part of the update. New dashboard totally reorganized widgets shown in it. Because of that, everything’s much easier to comprehend. New subscribers are shown in a stylized list. OptIn Performance graph looks better than ever and it allows you to track your optin views and conversions. In addition to that, the dashboard allows you to see top performing optins on your site so that you can easily invest more into those.

Standalone pages or pop-ups

Optin Ninja popup
Landing/squeeze pages can be different. With Optin Ninja, you can create standalone landing pages and pop-up/lightbox squeeze pages. Standalone pages speak for themselves. You get to create a separate page which can have a unique design. The page will get its unique URL which you can customize and it will behave like any other page on your WordPress powered website. But if you decide to open one in a pop-up, you get a whole other level of options. By using a simple shortcode, you can place a pop-up on any existing post/page. The shortcode will open a new window with your optin page and bring the attention to your visitor.

One or Two-step conversion

A Two-step optin process is a popular way of attracting new subscribers. With the first step, you try to get attention from a visitor. This is the step where you want to make a visitor interested in what you’re offering. If you succeed, you can lead the visitor to the second step where you get to actually collect an email. That’s where Optin Ninja excels. But if you want to skip the two-step process, you’re just one click away from creating a one-step optin page which brings the attention to collecting email immediately. The choice is up to you.

A/B testing

Every human is different and that means that you can’t create a perfect optin page. While one visitor will be happy to click on a button to sign up, the other one will find your page boring. While you can’t indulge everyone, you can still create the best out of the situation. Testing is everything. And because of that, Optin Ninja gives you a chance of A/B testing. Instead of one page, create two pages which will be randomly shown to your users. After that, the aforementioned analytics will help you see which page was more successful. Don’t guess; let Optin Ninja work for you and earn you money!


You should know that Optin Ninja is fully documented and you can quickly get started with the plugin. Just in case you need extra help with the plugin, you can get premium dedicated support via email.

If you need even more control over your squeeze pages, you should note that you can get two add-ons which can help you with your squeeze pages even more. For now, we will just link you to Custom Form Fields addon which allows you to easily create numberless additional form fields. If you’re planning to work with custom autoresponders, this addon will save you some trouble and save you precious time.

The other one is Auto Popups addon which gives you control over pop-ups/lightboxes. With this powerful addon, you’ll be able to automatically open pop-ups depending on different conditions you can set up. For example, the addon will allow you to show pop-up only on a specific page or only if a user scrolled to a specific place in the post.

In the end, it is very important to know that the price of OptIn Ninja is a one-time only fee. Instead of paying monthly fees for SaaS sites such as LeadPages, InstaPage, Unbounce or OptinMonster, Optin Ninja is completely yours for only $29. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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