Permatex – Leads Generating WordPress Landing Page review

Before we start talking about Permatex, it is important for everyone to know what a landing page really is. Also known as a “lead capture page” and “lander”, this kind of page is somewhat different than your everyday WordPress page. Instead of being created from the menu as a simple page where you can show a specific information, a landing page is specifically designed for online marketing purposes. The overall goal of a landing page is to greet a visitor who came from a specific location, give him the most important information about a product you’re selling and, in the end, to sell that product immediately or maybe collect visitor’s email, phone number or something similar.

This kind of landing page is usually different than the rest of the website and it usually leads to a full website or a product. And because of that, you can see why it is important that a landing page has a great design with all the functionality which can help an online marketer.


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Permatex review

Now that we have explained what a landing page is, we can start talking about Permatex. This highly versatile landing page for WordPress was created 3 years ago. It also comes in a form of an HTML template which means that not only WordPress users can enjoy its powerful features. During the years, the theme accumulated over 1300 sales and it’s recognized as one of the best landing pages on ThemeForest.

Based on 57 ratings at the moment of writing this review, Permatex scored 4.35/5 points which is really something to admire. Here’s what one of the customers had to say about Permatex:

“With my content/strategy and your template, my client was able to placed #3 in a national keyword search on Google. He is very happy for this investment, and his business will be impacted directly by you and I. Thank you!”

As soon as you open the demo page, you will notice how clean Permatex really is. There is a simple header which will contain your logo and the menu, followed by a list. Next to it, you will find a powerful contact form which can be directly connected to MailChimp. You can also find Twitter feed, screenshots, testimonials, social media, FAQ, and a few more sections which will talk about in this article.

Key features

  • Extremely versatile and customizable
  • Powered by Twitter Bootstrap
  • Fully responsive
  • 2 versions of the homepage: lead generating form and iPad slider
  • 11 Google Fonts
  • Unlimited color combinations
  • MailChimp powered contact and subscription forms
  • Numerous shortcodes
  • Twitter feed and social media icons
  • Collapsible FAQ
  • Sliding gallery
  • One-clik demo import


When you buy a complete theme or a landing page like Permatex is, one of the first things you will worry about is the customization. It is important that you can easily create your own page out of the template. Permatex will definitely help you with that. It comes packed with 11 different color themes you can choose from. That means that you only have to choose one of the preset colors and the template will change its colors accordingly. You can further change header colors, backgrounds, text, links, menu and other colors on the landing page. Since you’re building a landing page for your own product, we think it is really important that you match the colors to the product. If all of those options aren’t enough for you, Permatex allows you to write your own CSS code to change each and every part of the page.

Header: Contact form or a slider

Permatex header options
A header is definitely one of the most important parts of your landing page. Because of that, Permatex offers a contact form or a slider to be placed on the spot which will attract your visitors’ attention. Although you can choose not to have anything there, one of the two options will probably be a choice for the most of you.

The contact form looks great. It is relatively simple and it asks your visitor to leave their names, emails and a few more details which you can easily customize through the theme customizer. If you need more fields, Permatex allows you to add 2 additional fields which can require any information you would like. You can leave your own email address in order to receive information collected by the form, or you can connect your MailChimp account via API and start collecting subscribers directly on the list in this popular autoresponder. The form works as expected and you will be able to set up everything in just a few minutes.

If you don’t need a contact form, you can choose an iPad slider to be displayed instead. This slider will show posts from any category you want. That means that you can easily display images of your product or maybe even show the latest articles from your blog.

Social Media

In this modern world, living without social media isn’t an option. Privately, you might be against having accounts on popular social networks but when it comes to your business, you will have to have at least the most popular accounts active. And you will have to link those on your landing page. With Permatex, you won’t have to worry about those. Since Twitter is considered one the most popular (at least in the states), Permatex allows you to show your Twitter feed as a separate section on the page. Simply enter your credentials and this landing page will show your feed.

Permatex Twitter Social

Since Twitter isn’t the only network you will be dealing with, you will find another section which can hold several other social media icons like Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and others. You can easily link them all and connect your landing page to social networks.

Other sections

Permatex comes packed with different other sections you can choose to incorporate into your landing page. Show screenshots or images of your product in a nice carousel slider, create a FAQ sections where each item features a beautiful toggle effect, show your new visitors what your customers had to say about the product in the testimonial sections, collect email addresses via subscription section, and much much more.

Don’t need a section? Simply delete one from your WordPress admin pages. Need an extra, custom section? Simply navigate to Pages and create a new section as any other page in WordPress.


Before we wrap up this review, you should know that Permatex offers much more than what we talked about. To help you get started, developers included a one-button import option which will make your landing page look like the demo one. After you do that, it will be so much easier to modify the template instead of creating the one from scratch. You can also customize the footer area, personalize the 404 pages and you can even add Google Play and AppStore buttons via a simple shortcode.

Before you go, we suggest that you open the demo page and check Permatex in action. We really loved the landing page and we’re sure you will, too. If you decide to buy it, we’re sure you will enjoy customizing Permatex to your needs. Although we found it really easy to personalize, you don’t have to worry about a thing because the professional support team got your back.

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