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Popups have been a popular way of attracting visitors’ attention for a long time. Over time, popups have evolved and become something every webmaster considers including to his site. Sooner or later, you will need one; whether you just want to show an important message or collect emails, popups will help you. And if you can get your hands on a good popup builder, things get much easier.

By using WordPress, your options got much wider. You don’t have to know how to code a popup window, nor you have to spend hours typing CSS code to make it look beautiful. There are numerous plugins which can control popups and show them on your site. But the problem is that most of the plugins specialize in creating just one type of popups.

If you’re looking a way of showing different things via popups, you usually have to use several plugins. Since that’s not the best option, many users tend to customize plugins to show what they want. If a plugin is designed to collect emails, beginners will have a hard time customizing it to display popup videos, social or restriction popups.  In that case, you’re in luck because we’re just about to show you Popup Builder – a powerful plugin which can control all the popups you want and need.

Popup Builder

PRICE: from $10

Popup Builder

Creating popups with this plugin is so fun! Let us show you why. For starters, you should know that you can have your first popup ready in just a few minutes after the activation of the plugin. Everything is easy to setup, and you’re just a few clicks away from popping up an image, subscription form or practically anything you want.

To see how versatile Popup Builder really is, you should know that you can choose from 15 different types of popups (depends on the version you purchase).

Popup Types

Image, Video, HTML, Facebook, Social, Shortcode, iFrame, Restriction, Countdown, Subscription, Contact Form, Aweber, MailChimp, Analytics, Adblock

Once you have the plugin on your WordPress site, you just have to navigate to Popup Builder -> Add New and choose the type you want. Now that you’ve opened the customization page, the fun can begin. Although publishing your first popup can be quick and simple, there’s much more to do on the settings page. If you’re a perfectionist, this plugin will be a great choice because you get to control practically every part of the popup window – from styling to its functionality.

Popup Builder types

Popup settings

No matter which type you choose, you will get a ton of options which allow you to control the output. Popup Builder allows you to set up dimensions for any popup. Just type in size in pixels, set maximum width and height, and control the original dimensions.

Other options let you control dozens of features. For example, you can choose if you want to show a close button or let visitors shut the window by pressing the Esc key. Enable content scrolling, popup reposition or scaling. Change background and overlay colors, choose one of nine popup positions and even name CSS classes which you can then customize in details.

Popup Builder Options

If those options weren’t enough for you, there are more advanced settings to be found on the page. You get to schedule your popups and show them on specific dates. Choose if you want your popups on smartphones and tablets, automatically close them, show for specific countries, select the number of times one popup is shown to a user… and so much more! This is something where those perfectionists we mentioned earlier can spend a whole afternoon working on.

Popup Builder advanced settings

Exit Intent

Among all the options, you still get to set up the exit intent in details. If you enable this option, you will be able to choose between two Exit Intent modes – soft and aggressive. Depending on how you want to approach your visitor, you can combine the two modes and make sure that users see what you wanted them to see before they navigate away from your website.

Effects & Styles

People are used to popups. They appear everywhere and aren’t something that much exciting for the most of the Internet users. Unless you can create something unique. To help you with that, Popup Builder gives you the opportunity to add different effects to your popups. Flip, shake, wobble, swing,  flash, bounce, and activate your popups with many different effects. They all look quite cool and sometimes it gets hard to choose the best one for your site.

After selecting the effect, you get to decide how long it will last. Also, you can delay the animation if you want to.

That’s not enough for you? Well, then you can still choose between different templates for your popup window. Currently, there are six styles to choose from; when you combine everything we mentioned, options are numberless!

Type-specific settings

All of the settings we were talking about so far are available for any popup type. To prove how powerful the plugin really is, we should let you know that every kind of popup has its own specific options. For example, Subscription popup will have settings for the form fields, Countdown popup will let you design the timer in details, and the Social popup will allow you control the links you share, button configuration, and networks on which you want to share the article.

Although the plugin allows you to collect emails and connect to MailChimp and Aweber, we still suggest that you check out some of the best WordPress plugins for getting subscribers. Those will get you much more control over collecting emails. Don’t get us wrong; Popup Builder still does an excellent job collecting your emails!

And those are just some of the options! Make sure you give it some time before you learn all you can do with Popup Builder.

We really liked testing Popup Builder. There are endless possibilities – no matter which kind of popup you want to create, this premium plugin will be able to help you. Since you can get the plugin for just ten bucks, it’s a shame not to give it a chance. Even if you need some of the extra options and add-ons, we’re sure you won’t regret paying a few bucks more to get all that you need. Check out Popup Builder prices and choose your plan yet today.

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