How to protect your WordPress account

WordPress is probably the most popular website-building platform on the planet today, and with good reason. With WordPress, it’s incredibly easy to quickly build elegant-looking, functional and responsive websites that will take your clients’ breath away, without requiring any serious knowledge of web development.

However, if you decide to build up your own website using WordPress, there are a couple of things that you need to know about, and Internet security is definitely one of them. The Internet is full of people with malicious intents and a vast knowledge of how computers work, and they can use this knowledge to do some severe damage to your website and your WordPress account if you aren’t careful enough.

How to protect your WordPress account

For this reason, today I’m going to talk about some tricks with which you can enhance the security of your WordPress account, and minimize the chances of your website being targeted by a malicious cyber attack.

Security Software

By definition, malware is any piece of software that is used to disrupt computer or mobile operations, often with the goal in mind to steal valuable, sensitive information. Sometimes malware is essentially harmless, and its only purpose is to force your computer or device to display annoying ads, but in some cases, this kind of software is dangerous indeed.

If you want to protect your WordPress account, first you’re going to want to protect yourself from malware. That means getting a good antivirus program to run on your computer, and potentially even installing some third-party WordPress security plugins to shield your website from malware intrusions. I personally recommend Security Ninja and SmartMonitor PRO as they are the best ones I’ve ever come across in this department, but the choice is yours, ultimately.

Strong Passwords

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a strong, unpredictable password protecting your WordPress account. One of the most common reasons why hackers manage to get unauthorized access to peoples’ accounts is because the users are careless enough to use an easily guessable password, such as their wife’s birthday or their home address or phone number. This is a really bad idea, especially since hackers can easily obtain all this information via social media these days.

Your password should be randomly generated, contain a mix of uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. And for Heaven’s sake, don’t use the same password twice – you’re only asking for trouble.

WordPress security

Virtual Private Networks

Another easy and efficient way to increase your level of security concerning your WordPress account is to actually make your internet connection more secure and more private. In my opinion, the fastest way to do this is to simply do all of your browsings through a dedicated VPN provider. Why? Well, firstly because most good VPN providers these days have built-in DDoS protection, which is essential if you’re running a website. Additionally, all the data and traffic you transmit through a VPN connection is likely encrypted and split into packets, making it much harder for a malicious third party to get their hands on it.

Two-Step Authentication

Two-step authentication is the process of requiring more than just your password to get access to your account. This is usually done by sending the user an SMS message with a special code at login that they must enter if they wish to get in. And of course, upon a single-use, the code is discarded, and when you log in again, you get a new one. This is a great way to keep hackers at bay since even if they crack their password, they probably don’t have access to your phone and your SMS messages, which means that they can’t get into the account after all. Check out plugins like free Google Authenticator and premium 5sec Google Authenticator 2-Step Login Protection.

Do you ever think about WordPress security or you’re just focused on blogging? What do you do to protect your WordPress site? If you’re not sure how to start, try scanning your site with our free online Security Scanner.

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  1. I just wondering how about a report from jetdirect plugin ? It report how many hackers try to access our wordpress, is a weakness from our wordpress or something else?

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