Psychology of Color [Infographic]


Ever had a question about color psychology? Well, our infographic is going to answer it! Probably. If not, let us know—we’re always looking for new topics for our First Site Guide infographics! If you are curious how infographics are made then take a look at this guide to effective infographic design.

Humans are visually-oriented organisms. Sure, we have other senses, but compared to most animals our noses, ears, and so on are pretty lame. When it comes to color vision, though, humans beat out just about everything that isn’t a mantis shrimp. In fact, 30% of our brains are used to process visual information! That’s ten times as many neurons as we devote to hearing.

It’s no surprise, then, that colors have a powerful effect on our thinking. Of course, not all colors affect everyone the same way, but there are many universal (or near enough to be useful) ways in which colors can be used to influence the mind and mood of the person seeing them.

One example would be blue, which has a negative effect on appetite, giving rise to the “blue plate special” of diner fame, but there are many, many, more.

Colors must be considered not only on their individual merits and effects but also based on how they go together and complement (or don’t complement) one another. Aesthetics are an important part of how users evaluate their experience on a site, and it can be tricky to understand what people are responding to positively, and what they don’t like, let alone why.

Thankfully, lots of people have spent a great deal of time and money to answer these questions, and we can benefit from their efforts.

In the infographic below we’ll explain why color matters, how to use it effectively, or help you avoid some beginner graphic designs mistakes—a little bit of knowledge can be the difference between an okay site and a great one!

psychology of color infographic

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