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We all live in a fast world where news are being published literally seconds after something happens. And if you’re running a website which publishes news, you must be among first few who will get the information to the visitor.

It doesn’t matter how fast you can get the information or how fast you can type, it is not a secret that admin pages can slow you down.

Let’s picture this situation: You are running a site which covers everything about technology and there is a live event where something important is being announced. If you have ever participated in live presentations of new operating systems, mobile devices or a games, you know new information is being presented every minute and it can be very stressful catching up on everything. You have to let your visitors know what’s happening during the live event – if you don’t, they will find another source where news are published as fast as your visitors expect you to.

If you are using standard method of writing posts and updating them, your news will come out slow and your visitors will have to refresh the page every second in order to keep up with the updates. And that’s where you realize you need something like Liveblog.

Liveblog is a simple plugin which will enable you to turn every post into a Liveblog. What does that mean? That means you get to write and publish images directly from already published post.

After you have enabled Liveblog for a post, once published, a post will get a textbox with all the basics formatting options. All editors on your site will able to write news and drag and drop images directly from their desktop, hit publish button and the news will be instantly published in the post.

You visitors will be able to see the update instantly, without having to refresh your post. It works something similar to chat, but only in one way – of course, your visitors can still write comments if you have allowed them.

Installing and setting up your Liveblog is easy:

  1. Go to Plugins->Add new
  2. Search for “Liveblog”
  3. Install and activate the plugin
  4. Create a new post or open an existing one
  5. Under your Text/Visual Editor, you will Liveblog options:

Enable – if you enable Liveblog, editors get liveblog tools which let them publish news and photos directly from the post while visitors see the newest updated instantly

Archive – If you have published news with Liveblog, this option will allow you to save everything into your post while removing Liveblog tools once the event you have been covering is finished. Visitors will still be able to see every update you have made.

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