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Every WordPress admin menu is looking the same after the installation. That might be a good thing if you work on different sites powered by our beloved WP, but if you’re creating one for a client, you might want to rearrange admin menu icons to achieve a unique look.

Also, after you begin to add new plugins and functions to your installation, you’ll keep on stacking up the icons in the admin menu and you can easily end up with a confusing menu where your authors won’t be able to find their posts or a gallery to add new images.

That’s when you want to think about rearranging the icons. And that’s where this plugin will be a great assistant for you.

Admin Menu Manager

PRICE: free

Admin Menu Manager

After you install this free, light weight plugin, you will get only one option under the admin menu. And that’s the option for editing the menu.

If you hit the button, your menu goes “under construction” and you are free to move the elements around. Drag and drop menu and submenu items and create a menu which suits you the best. Do you want a “New post” link to be right next to “New Page”? You can do that. Actually, you can rearrange elements however you want. You can drag a top level menu item into a sub menu and the other way around so why wouldn’t you have “New Post” item hanging by itself instead of having it into a submenu? It’s your choice.

If you’re still not sure why this little plugin is so cool, take a look at demo video.

If you want to further customize your admin menu, take a look at these two plugins and see how to change admin menu colors.


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