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By default, WordPress will archive your posts and organize them by authors. In a multi-author environment, this can be really useful –by simply clicking on author’s name which is usually found on top or on the bottom of the post, you will be redirected to the archive page which lists all posts written by that author.

But what if you are a single author? That means that a link to your archive page leads to the same blogroll you already have on your homepage or blog page (depending on your site organization) and that doesn’t make sense. Instead, you may want to redirect your users to another page – for example “About me” page where you can tell your visitors more about yourself or provide some extra information about your posts, business or whatever you want.

You can do that easily with only a few lines of code:

  1. Open functions.php file
  2. Copy and paste the following function:
  3. add_filter( 'author_link', 'redirect_link' );
    function redirect_link() {
    return home_url( 'about-us' );
  4. Change the page on the 4th line to any page you want
  5. Save changes

And that’s all there is. After you have saved changes, anyone who clicks on the author name link will be redirect to the page you have specified in the code. In our example, you would be redirected to

While this method will redirect you to a new page when you click on the author archive link (name of the author), entering full URL will still lead you to the default archive pages. If you manually navigate to for example, the link will still show all John’s posts. You can leave it so if you still want to have your archive pages accessible or you can redirect the entire URL as well.

Since you’re already working on customizing authors, you might be interested in showing author statistics in a widget.


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2 thoughts on “Redirect author archive link to another page

    • If you’re not experienced with PHP, perhaps the best way to do it would be redirecting those two URLs by setting up a permanent 301 redirect via your .htaccess file. Make sure to save a backup first. 😉 All you need is to add these two lines of code, but make sure to replace example URLs with yours:

      redirect 301 /author_example_url_1
      redirect 301 /author_example_url_2

      Or you can do it by using some of 301 Redirection WordPress plugins, like this one:

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