Redirect users after login with Peter’s Login Redirect plugin

Redirecting users after their login can help you control their behavior. Instead of leaving every user logged in back in the admin area, you might want to create a special welcoming pages or lead certain users to specific pages.

While you can do that relatively easy by placing some code in your theme, this isn’t the best option for those who aren’t into coding. Also, if you want to get more control over redirections, you will have to know how to modify the code.

The same goes for redirecting users after logout. We have already showed you the code which can redirect a user after he/she successfully logs out.

Instead of modifying the code, we will show you a plugin which will do the dirty work for you. All you have to do is decide which user goes where, click on few checkboxes and paste URLs while the plugin will take care of the rest.

Peter's Login Redirect

Although there are numberless WordPress plugins designed to do the same, we have chosen Peter’s Login Redirect for this article.

This plugin will let you choose users based on their names, user roles and even user capabilities and simply paste URL to which that users will be redirect after their login and choose another one if you want to redirect that user or group of users after logout. In addition, you can choose a separate URL which will be used as destination page for any user upon their registration.

If that’s not enough for you, and you want to further improve your redirections, Peter’s Login Redirect got you covered. If you have, for example, created a specific page for each user, you can generate the URL directly from the plugin. In that case, a simple shortcode described in the plugin will be enough to input user’s username and thus lead that particular user to his/her specific page.

In the end, there are few plugin options to be found which can help you further control the plugin’s behavior. You can set the plugin to use only one type of URLs and, for example, allow only internal links to be used, control POST and GET redirects, use an external redirect file if needed, and choose who can control this plugin by choosing permission level.

If you needed to manage login, logout and registration redirects, Peter’s Login Redirect will get you practically everything you need. Oh, yeah, have we mentioned that the plugin is free? You can get it from WordPress plugin repository and install in seconds after which all you have to do is navigate to Settings->Login/Logout Redirects.


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