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Jules Sterling
Updated: June 30th, 2024
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Content repurposing is one of the best ways to take your digital brand to the next level. It’s a real game changer for business organizations depending on digital content. With content repurposing, you can repurpose your short-form audio or video content to fit the requirements of old and new platforms. 

Thanks to that, you can get more exposure for your content with an omnipresent approach, attract new prospects, re-engage the existing ones, and reach new social media marketing goals and targets. 

Let’s delve deeper into the content repurposing tool.

Detailed Review – General Information is a content repurposing tool and a distribution platform for audio and video makers. It helps content creators save time and effort on repetitive tasks while achieving the ultimate goal – growing their audience as fast as possible. 

The platform packs an excellent range of top-grade features, such as automatic content publishing and seamless content conversion, to empower content creators to turn every piece of audio or video content into an unstoppable lead generation and conversion tool.

This automatic repurposing ability sets it apart from most social media management tools as it’s much more than just a scheduler.

General information about

  • Pricing model – per user;
  • Free trial – yes (14-day trial, no credit card required);
  • Free version – no.
  • Videos published so far – 3,430,125;
  • Current number of users – 212,042 (source

Is Right for You?

As the cutting-edge content repurposing and distribution solution for audio and video creators, lets users streamline and automate their content workflow. In other words, you can repurpose your audio and video content to fit the needs of multiple platforms. 

Instead of wasting time adjusting a video clip to meet the requirements of Facebook verusus TikTok, you can seamlessly repurpose a single piece of content to fit digital platforms, social media networks, streaming services, you name it. 

With, you can save time, effort, and resources on creating content while using the existing materials to expand your audience and grow your business. is here to replace complex video editing software and help you streamline the content creation process by quickly adjusting and repurposing your content for multiple online platforms. 

You can automatically download live streams and video clips to upload them to any platform you desire. In addition, lets you transform any video into 15 individual optimized clips. The tool will automatically publish the newly created content to the target destination, thus saving you precious hours every week. 

If you’re worried about onboarding, don’t be. The tool has a step-by-step video tutorial to get you started, and you have live chat support to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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Key Features 

Since organization means everything in social media marketing and content creation, can make all the difference in helping you reach a wider audience while reducing repetition and saving every billable hour that counts. is designed to help you overcome common content creation and publishing obstacles. The tool has only one purpose – to help you streamline the content repurposing process. With that in mind, here are the top features to help you accomplish your digital marketing goals.

Content Calendar

The content calendar feature helps you arrange and organize your content for publishing by planning and scheduling it in advance, all from a single platform. It provides multi-view access to your content, so you can get ahead of everything you publish daily, weekly, and monthly. 

It also gives you actionable content-related insights per the social media platform you’re publishing to. The calendar is fully customizable to better fit your content repurposing and distribution needs.

TikTok Video Watermark Removal

Since downloading TikTok videos directly from their platform includes watermarks, stands out as a time saving tool because it can quickly and automatically remove these for you. Additionally, the tool can automatically repurpose watermark-free TikTok videos for publishing on networks like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels.

Google Drive/Dropbox Video Backup

While social media platforms undoubtedly help to grow online businesses, there are drawbacks, one of those being that you don’t own the platform and it could technically be shut down at any time (with something like the potential TikTok ban in the U.S.). This risks you losing access to your content.

With, losing content is ancient history. You can automatically backup your content to Dropbox or Google Drive for safekeeping. Simply set up an automated backup workflow to save your audio/video content and secure your repurposed materials.

Automate Short-Form Video Posting

Short-form video automation is an incredibly useful feature. It automates audio/video content distribution to platforms like YouTube Shorts, IG Reels, and TikTok via Workflows you set up.

You’ll have multi-platform content ready in just a few clicks. Thanks to that, you can harness the full potential of every available platform, extend your social media presence, target a larger audience, and more.

There is a caveat here, be sure to check your engagement. While automation tools make our lives as content creators infinitely easier, they can sometimes lead to reduced engagement with certain platforms that prefer you to post natively from the app. 

TikTok-to-YouTube Hashtag Transfer

Transferring hashtags from TikTok to platforms like YouTube used to be tedious work. Thanks to, you can now easily and quickly transfer TikTok hashtags to YouTube tags to boost the discoverability and visibility of your video content, reach a wider audience, and get more comments, likes, and views.

Flexibility and Customization to Repurpose Content comes with a wide range of customization options, making it one of the most flexible content repurposing solutions on the market. You can swiftly create and customize templates for audio/video workflows according to your needs. 

All you need to do when creating a new template is choose a predefined one and customize it to your liking. You can also count on these templates if you don’t have the time to design personalized templates on your own. 

Simply find a workflow setting you need, select the matching predefined template, edit it to fit your publishing needs, and distribute it across target platforms. 

Customization options include:

  • Custom template editor;
  • Different template types (square, vertical, etc.);
  • Customizing elements (captions, headlines, etc.);
  • Headline customizations (style, font size, etc.);
  • Shapes and emojis;
  • Different background settings.

Multi-format Repurposing 

Once you repurpose your audio/video content with, it’s ready for multi-platform publishing and distribution. You can repurpose content directly from Audio Podcast, Dropbox, Google Drive, Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok into optimized audio/video clips to meet format requirements across multiple platforms. helps you tap into multi-format repurposing options to schedule or publish directly to Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and all the other options seen above.

Performance and Analytics 

It’s important to note that doesn’t have any native analytics on their platform. This isn’t entirely surprising, as then is meant to be a backend scheduling and automation tool, but it’s worth keeping in mind that you’ll still have to track your growth and engagement stats within each social media platform.

With that said, Repurpose can produce some impressive growth with it’s automation powers. Take a look at these statistics and analytics to give you better insight into the 90-day performance of a new user to

  • 15,500 Instagram users reached (7.7% increase);
  • 16,000 YouTube views;
  • 1000% increase on YouTube Shorts;
  • 60,000 views on Pinterest and a 37% increase on Pinterest idea pins;
  • 50,000 views on Pinterest and a 6109% increase in video pins.

These are impressive stats in favor of the implementation of and a feather in the hat for content workflow automation tools.

UX and UI 

Thanks to its user-friendly and simple interface, delivers exceptional user experience. Users have praised this automated content repurposing tool for reshaping any content into multi-piece repurposing materials you can automatically deliver anywhere you want. 

In addition, live chat support and step-by-step video tutorials help streamline the onboarding process so you can start using the tool immediately without a steep learning curve.

Pricing options & refunds 

Aside from a 14-day free trial, comes with a simple three-tiered pricing structure. You can tap into a free trial to publish up to 10 videos for free. All pricing plans come with two pricing models – monthly and yearly. 

If you need a full-time service, you have two pricing options on your hands:

Content Marketer
  • $25 per month
    $249 billed annually

Great for small business owners or entrepreneurs. Includes access to TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Audio Podcast, Zoom, DropBox, Google Drive, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Connect 5 of each type of social media channel. Publish unlimited videos.

  • $125 per month
    $1249 billed annually

Ideal for SMM agencies aiming to maximize visibility. Includes access to all the platforms in the Content Marketing plan but with increased limits of 20 of each type of social media channel. Publish unlimited videos.

Unfortunately, subscriptions aren’t subject to refunds. However, you can contact the support team to file a request to cancel your subscription.

If you opt for a yearly plan, you get two months free of charge.

Pros & Cons 

Best Content Repurposing Tool lets you easily repurpose your content through automation.

  • Auto-post content to multiple platforms
  • A free trial gives you access to all features
  • No complex video editing
  • Easily integrates with your content creation process
  • Automatically downloads live streams and videos
  • No option to write longer descriptions for specific platforms
  • Can’t automatically activate YouTube monetization after scheduling content from another platform
  • No YouTube-to-Vimeo option
  • No refund
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Customer Support 

Aside from live chat (access it through the Chat with us button on the official website), you can also receive assistance by emailing [email protected]

In addition, you have various resources you can tap into, such as the blog, content repurposing guide, onboarding video tutorial, and video cheat sheet.

You likely won’t need to access many resources as this platform is incredibly intuitive but they’re there if you need them.

How does Compare? 

Though is a powerful content repurposing and distribution tool, it can’t do everything you need on its own. 

Here are some alternatives to keep in mind:

Best for Written to Video Content
Great for General Content Creation
Great for Long Form Video Clips
Limited Free Plan | Paid From $19/month
Free Plan | Paid From $120/yr
From $299/month

Create Videos Online in Minutes from Your Written Content

  • Great for Bloggers
  • Easy Video Generation

Established and Powerful Digital Design Platform

  • Create brand kit for easy content branding
  • No automatic repurposing

Creates Social Media Ready Clips from Long Form Video Content

  • More for enterprise level
  • Very pricey
Best for Written to Video Content
Limited Free Plan | Paid From $19/month

Create Videos Online in Minutes from Your Written Content

  • Great for Bloggers
  • Easy Video Generation
Great for General Content Creation
Free Plan | Paid From $120/yr

Established and Powerful Digital Design Platform

  • Create brand kit for easy content branding
  • No automatic repurposing
Great for Long Form Video Clips
From $299/month

Creates Social Media Ready Clips from Long Form Video Content

  • More for enterprise level
  • Very pricey
Lasso Brag


In conclusion, we can safely say that is an exceptional solution for streamlining the complex process of repurposing and distributing your audio/video content across various online and digital platforms. Thanks to its immense capabilities and user-friendly interface, is an ideal tool for social media marketers and content creators alike.

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