How to run multiple blogs without multisite?

If you have tried to run multiple blogs in WordPress, everybody has told you it is impossible. Only way to do that is creating a multisite where two or more WP blogs work as a network. Technically, that’s correct but what if we told you that you can go around that and do something similar.

If you want to run two or more blogs on a single WordPress installation, you can do that through categories. Each person would have its own category and every post they publish would go straight to their page. You could have separate posts, pages, galleries and with little customizing even different templates and plugins for each author.

Let’s go through this and create two blogs:

  1. Navigate to Posts-> Categories
  2. Add New category. Choose a name for one of the blog or use author’s name, add description and change slug if you really want to.
  3. Save changes
  4. Repeat previous 3 steps to create the second “blog”

Now when you have created your new “blogs” as categories, your authors simply have to choose their own while they are working on new posts. You can create a new menu which will show new categories as new blogs and you’re done. Also, you can change posts’ style from different authors.

This is very basic, of course, but it can work very nicely if you want to quickly enable few blogs on a single WordPress installation. If you want to further customize these “blogs”, you could for example create different sidebars for each category which one author can add in his article. You can install separate galleries for each author or simply create albums from an existing one. You might also want to create a custom page template for your different “blogs”.

If this wasn’t enough for you, then you’ll have to move onto another level and create a multisite where each blog will have its own WP installation.

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