How to scan your WordPress site for security issues and fix them automatically

Once you start working on your blog and focus on creating the content and attracting new visitors, it easy to forget about keeping your site in place. Most of the casual bloggers start thinking about site security only after they get into first problems. It is important that you realize how safety is important before it’s too late. Also, you should always think about your website and keep regular maintenance. Just one of the things you should look after all the time is the security of your WordPress site.

So, before you pick up a malware or before hackers get their hands on your login credentials, we’re about to show you how to keep your WordPress site safe all the time. Don’t worry; we’re not going into technicalities. We believe that you don’t have to be a security nor WordPress expert to have a safe site. You just need to get your hands on the right tools.

Scan your WordPress site for security issues

To show you that even a complete WordPress beginner can master WordPress security, let us introduce Security Ninja one more time. We already reviewed this fantastic plugin, so we’re not going into details today. Once you install Security Ninja, it is easy to keep your site clean. You get to scan your website just by clicking buttons. Actually, to scan the entire site, you just need two buttons that come with the plugin. The first one will examine all of your core files (standard files that every WordPress installation needs to function properly), while the second one will go through all the other files and folders (themes, plugins, upload folder, and others) and check them for malware.

Test it

Instead of reading about all what the plugin can do for you, go on and test all modules to see this premium plugin in action.

If something suspicious comes up during a scan, Security Ninja will warn you about the files. If you know your way around WordPress, a brief description will be enough for you to start fixing the problems. But what if you have no clue where to start or you’re not interested in fixing WordPress problems at all?

Automatically fix security issues

Security Ninja Auto Fixer

Until recently, Security Ninja was able to identify the problems for you, but it was not able to help your further. You had to work with the information and solve the problems by yourself. If you’re a complete beginner, you were in trouble. So, the developers spent some extra time raising the little guard, and he can now protect you on the whole new level.

The new Auto Fixer module integrates into the existing ones, so you don’t have to worry about anything. After the scan is complete, Security Ninja will let you open details about each test. If a particular test has failed and needs some extra care, the plugin will let you click the “Apply Fix” button on more than thirty tests.

Auto Fixer module

Security Ninja has learned to fix WordPress problems, so you don’t have to deal with the code.

Before clicking the button, you can read the details about that specific issue, and learn what it takes to fix it. So, for example, if Security Ninja suggests that you rename a file, by clicking the button it will automatically do the changes for you! You just need to sit back and wait for the little guy to finish his work.

Here’s what the new module can do for you:

  • Fix more than 30 issues with one click
  • Make your site secure without spending extra time dealing with code
  • Auto-backup in case something goes wrong
  • A detailed explanation of all fixes

Now that you know about Security Ninja and its new module, you don’t have an excuse. Scan your site on a regular basis (or set up Scheduled Scanner) and keep your WordPress site clean from malware and unwanted access.

What do you think about Security Ninja?

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