How to share a post with someone before publishing it

While you are writing an article, it is only visible to you and those who have access to your WordPress website with adequate permissions. You can edit it, save drafts numerous times and preview an article but that link will be accessible only for those who are logged in. If you have tried to share a preview of any post/page with someone else, you already know that’s not possible.

Yeah, one option is to create a special account for users who should see your preview, but what if you don’t want them to have access to anything but the preview itself? Or, what if you want to share your preview with more than just one person outside your work crew? We have a plugin to recommend which will let you do just that – let you share a preview link with anyone.

Public Post Preview

PRICE: free

The plugin is called Public Post Preview and it’s totally free for use. After you install and activate the plugin, it will add a new option under your option settings area. Now you can check if you want your new article to be enabled for public preview, and if so, the plugin will generate a special link you can share.

Public Post Preview

Another cool feature which comes with the plugin is the time restriction. By default, Public Post Preview will let your link live for only 48 hours after which anyone who tries to get access will be left with “The link has been expired!” message.

Before you ask, yes, you can change that time and there are two ways of doing that.

  1. There is another plugin which acts like add-on: Public Post Preview Configurator. It will add a simple option to enter new time after the post preview will expire.
  2. If you don’t want a new plugin, you can add the function yourself. For example, extend the link for 5 days:
add_filter( 'ppp_nonce_life', 'my_nonce_life' );
function my_nonce_life() {
return 60 * 60 * 24 * 5; // 5 days
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