Show recently registered users with a plugin

Displaying few of the last registered users on your website might have more benefits than you think. And it might look really cool if the list is changed every day or even every few hours. That’s how you show that your content is really interesting to others and you might actually attract more people into your site by showing how many people have already registered.

We have already showed you how to display recently registered users by using a code. As usual, everything in WordPress can be done through coding or through a plugin which already contains the code you don’t even have to see.

In this article, we will show you a simple plugin which can do the job for you.

Display Recently Registered Users


Display Recently Registered Users

After you install Display Recently Registered Users plugin, it will create a widget for you and display the information about latest users. You can easily customize date format, Gravatar, choose the number of registered users which will be shown in the widget and there is a neat CSS class wrapper which will help you customize the looks of your widget.

This free plugin is relatively simple to install and setup:

    1. Navigate to Plugins->Add New
    2. Find “Display Recently Registered Users” plugin
    3. Install it and activate
    4. Go to Appearance->Widgets
    5. Search for “Display Recently Registered Users” widget and drag and drop it on the sidebar, footer or wherever you want to you widget to appear
    6. Now you will have a few options which will help you set up the widget:

Title: Write the tile of your widget which will appear on top (default: Welcome new users)

Show User Name: choose if you want to show username or not

Show Join Date: choose if you want to show the date when that user has registered to your site

Show Gravatar: choose if you want to show user’s gravatar image

Hypelink Gravatar: choose this option if you want the gravatar image to link to user’s URL if one exists

Number of users to show: Type in the number of users which will be shown on the list (default: 5)

Text before date: Type in the text you want to appear before the join date (default: Joined on)

Date (PHP) format: Choose how you want to display the date in PHP format

Gravatar size: choose the size of Gravatar image in pixels (default: 45; max: 512)

CSS Class name: type in CSS class which will control the look of your recently registered users list

  1. Don’t forget to save the changes

That’s it. As you can see, everything is really easy to setup and will look good on your site. Have you installed the plugin? Leave a link and show us how the list looks like on your website.

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