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Sometimes you need to broadcast a message to your visitors. Whether they are logged in or they’re just browsing through your site for the first time, it would be nice to occasionally leave simple notices on top of your site and tell them that, for example, a maintenance is ready to begin in few hours or that you are doing some changes that may affect them. Or maybe you just want to say something witty, it’s up to you.

We showed you how to show a notice in post editor for authors. With Simple Notices, you can show a message for all of your visitors. And as you might guess – it’s simple!

Simple Notices


Simple notices

After you install this free plugin from WordPress repository, you will get a new menu item dedicated to your notices. If you navigate to Notices menu, you will be able to create new messages, see them all in a list or rearrange them easily.

When you start creating your first message, you may notice that everything looks kind of familiar. That’s because the notices you are creating are actually custom posts which are being displayed on top of your website.

Because you’re working with a custom post type, you can edit your message with Text or Visual Editor, just like you’re writing a regular post. That means that you can write text, insert images or other media, create links and much more. For a simple plugin, this is really a nice feature.

Simple notices

Besides that, you should know that the plugin offers only basic features. You can write a title, a message which will be shown on top of the page, choose one of five predefined colors (blue, red, orange, green and gray) and also choose if you want to show the message to everyone or only for logged in users. And that’s all there is. But if you’re going for simplicity, this will be more than enough to show a message which you might want to keep for few hours or so. If you want to leave a message for a longer period of time, you might want to go for something more advanced where you can customize the notice the way you like it.

Before you start thinking that newly created notice will get in a way of your users, don’t worry; every notice contains a little “X” button which will close the message. If a user is logged in, the message will be closed for good. If a user who isn’t logged in comes across your message, he will be able to close it as well but the data will be stored in a cookie. That means that the same user will get the same message if he visits your site from another browser or if he clears his cookie data.

We would like if there were more colors available, or even better if there was a color picker so that you could apply any custom color to your notice and make it stand out or blend in with your site.

How do you like Simple Notices?

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