Choose one of these 3 plugins to show upcoming posts in WordPress

Usually, when preparing an article in WordPress, you want to publish it as soon as possible. That makes sense; you work hard on your writings, preparing images and styling the post, so it’s only natural that you want to share your thoughts on the Internet as soon as possible. But there are times when you just won’t be able to publish new posts right away, and you will want to schedule your upcoming posts. Sometimes, you will have too many posts for that day, and you will want to leave the next one for tomorrow. Other times, you will have to announce things on specific dates or prepare holiday sales in advance, for example.

While scheduling posts in WordPress is really easy (instead of hitting the Publish button, simply modify the publishing date/time and the button will change to Schedule), it is not possible to show those posts in a list. Well, at least not without doing some extra work. We already showed you how to do that manually – with just several lines of codes pasted into a correct file, you can show a list of scheduled posts. By doing so, you will be able to create a simple list and engage your readers by showing them all the interesting stuff you have prepared for them in the upcoming days.

The manual technique is a great way of learning WordPress and customizing a theme, but as you can see from the article, it is as basic as it gets. If you’re not into coding or even dealing with code snippets, you’re in luck because as always, there are plugins which will do the job for you. In today’s article, we’re about to show you some of the best plugins for showing upcoming posts in WordPress. Oh yeah, they’re also completely free!

Upcoming Posts Widget


Upcoming Posts Widget

If you just need a simple list of upcoming posts on your WordPress site, but you don’t want to mess with the code, this free plugin will help you. It’s as simple as it gets. Once you install and activate it, Upcoming Posts Widget will already look familiar. It’s because it works just like the Recent Posts widget. All you have to do is to navigate to Appearance -> Widgets, drag and drop the Upcoming Post Widget to an active widget area and set two options. The first one is the title of your widget, and the other one is the number of scheduled posts you want to show on the list.

Although the plugin hasn’t been updated in over a year, it works just fine with the latest version of WordPress.

SOUP – Show off Upcoming Posts


SOUP - Show Off Upcoming Posts

Before you prepare yourself for a hot soup, you should know that the plugin doesn’t have to do anything with a meal. This free plugin will instead allow you to show off upcoming posts. Once you install and activate the plugin, you will get to customize the widget which will be in charge of displaying your future posts.

You get to write a title and set the number of upcoming posts. You can choose to show dates of the affected articles and entice your audience into coming back to your site on the specified date. The plugin allows you to change the display order (next post first or a random order), write a custom message if there are no upcoming posts (both scheduled ones and drafts), show newsletter link and a sign-up button.

WP Scheduled Posts


WP Scheduled Posts

Instead of showing the list of upcoming posts to your visitors, you might be interested in showing off the list only to people who work on your blog. If so, WP Scheduled Posts plugin is the perfect choice for you.

The plugin will allow you to insert a Scheduled Post Widget in the dashboard and/or the admin bar of your WordPress site. The feature we really liked is the one that lets you select user roles affected by the plugin. That means, that for example, you can allow only admins and authors to see this widget.

Furthermore, WP Scheduled Posts lets you install custom templates and styles for your list, and maybe more importantly, to publish any of the posts right from the dashboard or the admin bar. After the recent update, the plugin also offers the ability to control custom post types and categories regarding your upcoming posts.

If you are interested in showing off upcoming posts, you might also be interested in the additional plugin which can help you with scheduling your articles. Schedule Posts Calendar will only install a JavaScript calendar to the scheduled publish widget. That means that instead of writing the dates, you will be able to select them via an interactive calendar. It is a simple thing, but if you tend to schedule posts on a regular basis, it might be a life-saver.

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