Use Sovrn to Better Understand Your Readers and Monetize Your Blog

Today we were privileged to chat with Alex Biale who is a Publishing Marketing Associate at sovrn Holdings. Inc. Here is what he had to say about his company…

“Our aim is to be a business partner for data-savvy publishers – to let you focus on what matters most: your content and your readers.

At it’s core, sovrn is a data business invested in empowering publishers. Our data-driven supply side platform has one of the largest ad exchanges in the world serving over 1 billion display, mobile and video ad requests that reach over 50 million unique visitors every day. While serving these requests, sovrn is capturing data on the kinds of content these readers are engaging with, what searches they’ve done, which social networks they use, which locations they frequent, which device they’re using, which OS version, their browser preference, connection speed, language preferences and which brand have sought to reach them.

We’ve developed a growing arsenal of tools and technologies to help publishers make more money and improve their sites. Our commitment to transparency and performance aligns our incentives with yours. As we move through the busy season for online advertising, we’re taking our game to the next level with robust reporting and data visualization for bite-sized, actionable insights all publishers can use. We’re using our massive network, over nearly 1M websites and a combined audience reach of nearly 1/2 billion people to attract the biggest advertisers and get them to spend the highest CPM possible. This broad viewpoint further enables us to uniquely deliver information and insights back to our publisher base so each individual site can benefit from the collective scale.

The sovrn data platform utilizes exclusive first-party contextual and behavioral data to create unique and compelling insights and audience segments that can be leveraged for programmatic marketing. These audience segments allow publishers to monetize their content more effectively and for marketers to maximize reach, performance and brand awareness. The sovrn data platform creates premium opportunities not typically available to professional publishers not in the Comscore 500, through audience inventory via Private Market Place or deal ID.

The last several months we’ve been working behind the scenes developing what we think will help publishers of all sizes get a deeper and more balanced view of the value they are creating. As a result, sovrn has created a platform that will translate all the data we see into comparative insights, more monetization opportunities, and how each reader is viewed and valued by advertisers. This new platform (currently in private beta) will be invaluable to publishers looking to monetize their sites and better understand their readers.

As the market stands, publishers have little to no insight into how their inventory is analyzed by advertisers. As a consequence, they are likely receiving lower prices for their inventory. Without access to that data, publishers have limited ability to make their inventory more attractive to their buyers. Why is this a problem? This imbalance of data transparency has resulted in a huge increase in market inefficiency, which has also led to a surge of cheap and suspicious inventory being sold. Here’s what the market looks like today:

today market

The sovrn meridian platform is a tool for publishers that establishes a line of reference for their site by helping them understand their performance and audience while comparing themselves to other sites like them. In addition to ad tag management, meridian boasts an unmatched publisher tool suite and robust, user friendly reporting and data visualization. Through the meridian platform, publishers can access resources and tools to help them grow, improve and make more money.

tech ecosystem

Through the meridian platform, sovrn intends on leveling the playing field on the publisher’s behalf by simplifying and translating the data they’re being evaluated on.

Our goal is to empower publishers through data. By doing so, everybody wins.”


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