Test the new WordPress plugin directory and help make it better

As always, the team behind WordPress.org is busy and constantly working on improvements. For starters, you can check out the Project Queue to see what’s currently going on and what awaits us in the future. One of the exciting current projects is the redesign of WordPress’ official plugin directory.

While browsing for free plugins, you now have a chance to test out new directory which is still being developed. After testing it out, you can leave your feedback and inform the developers about things you like and dislike. By doing so, you can become a part of the new plugins directory which is being used by millions of people every day.

Since the directory hasn’t changed for awhile, this change might be a big step both for the developers and everyday users.


The first thing you will notice after you open the new directory is that everything got quite bigger. The left sidebar where you can currently find the search bar, several links, and popular tags are completely removed. Instead, the search bar and links are placed on the top of the page, while popular tags are excluded from the big picture.

Since the sidebar is gone, there was more than enough room for the featured image which is now quite larger. This looks nice, but it seems that the developers will have to readjust the images and upload them in new resolutions.

The name of a plugin is now pushed under the picture, and there was still enough space to accentuate the name of the developer. As you can see in the current plugin directory, the name of developers is pushed in the second plan.

Security Ninja in new WordPress plugin directory

If you take a glance at the infobox on the right side, you will notice some changes, as well.  The version of a plugin is now accentuated on top of the infobox, while the order of information is somewhat rearranged.

Instead of featuring tabs on top, all the information about a specific plugin is now displayed on one page. It might feel a bit confusing at first, but we’re sure the developers will work things around. We still feel like the original version with tabs is much better since the information is easily accessible and well-organized.

How to test the new plugin directory

If you want to see the changes, we suggest that you open any plugin on both directories. For example, open Security Ninja in the new and the old directory. By opening both URLs, you will get a clear picture of what’s going on. While browsing through the new directory, you can find a small megaphone icon on the right side which allows you to leave feedback. After you have tested the directory, this link will bring out a survey in front you which will enable you to become a part of the new directory.

To test the new directory, simply navigate to https://wordpress.org/plugins/.

In addition, you should know that the User Testing is still in the round 1 and that you can participate by following the instructions. Try to be as descriptive as possible and help the developers team in making the best out of the directory. Don’t be afraid to leave comments since the developers will make sure your opinion counts.

In the end, it’s important to know that this is just the beta phase of the new WordPress plugin directory. The team is still diligently working on every aspect of the site, so don’t take it for granted. There are still changes to be made, and the directory is still in its process of getting a new shape so things might look a lot different today, tomorrow or in a month.

How do you like the new directory so far? Will it be hard for you to get accustomed to the new layout? Tell us what you think.

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5 thoughts on “Test the new WordPress plugin directory and help make it better

  1. LOVE the new plugin directory!
    Super clean & I like that they added the ‘beta’ plugins in (a while back it was ‘new’, but then they removed that).
    Didn’t even know it was updated, thanks for the post!

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