Top 100+ websites about WordPress (part 3)

The list is almost complete. So far, we have covered 66 websites about WordPress which are split into the Part 1 and the Part 2. Although it took way to many hours to complete the list, we believe you will enjoy these sites and learn more about WordPress each day.

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Part 2

Without further ado, let us show you the last, third group which deserved to be on the list among the best websites about WordPress.

67. WP News Desk

This awesome website can become your personal WordPress newspaper magazine. If you click on the link, you will find a collection of the latest news about WordPress found all over the world. The site collects articles from more than 100 sources and that’s why you don’t want to miss on WP News Desk.

68. WP Ninjas

Just the name of the team is enough to include them on the list – who doesn’t love ninjas? But behind the cool name, WP Ninjas are responsible for some great plugins like Ninja Forms and Ninja Demo. On their blog, you can find articles about WordPress in general so make sure that you take a peek.

69. WP Solver

WP Solver brings you the latest WordPress tips, theme reviews, and plugin news. Don’t forget to check their SEO tips and scroll through interesting infographics.

70. WP Daily Themes

Find themes and plugins, get coupons, search for tutorials and read great articles on WP Daily Themes blog.

71. WP Cover

The name of the site already suggests that it covers everything WordPress related. Find themes, plugins, news and tutorials, read guides and don’t forget to promote your own work.

72. The WP Crowd

The WP Crowd is a place for WordPress experts who are specialized in the field and who are ready to create unique WordPress content. Listen to podcasts, read the blog and enjoy the site even if you aren’t an expert yet.

73. Template Toaster

Template Toaster is a software you can use in order to design themes for different platforms, including WordPress. Besides the great software, the site runs a blog where you can learn more about WordPress and other CMS like Joomla, Drupal, and Magento.

74. Blogging Wizard

Adam Connell is a WordPress and marketing expert who has worked a lot with the platform. Now, he also runs a blog where you can read about WordPress, find great tips and discover new tools for the business.

75. Carrie Dils

Carrie is a WordPress developer, consultant, speaker, and a teacher. She also works on weekly WordPress podcasts and runs a blog where she teaches you a lot about WordPress so make sure to check out the site.

76. Kitchen Sink WP

Adam Silver created the site to share what he has learned about WordPress through several years of experience in the business. If you open his site, you can listen to podcasts and hear interesting stories about WordPress.

77. Delicious Brains

The team behind this funny name created plugins which some of you may already know – WP Migrate DB and ProWP Offload S3. But this time, we are more interested in their awesome blog where you can learn much about WordPress.

78. WhatsWP

Although the site was founded back in 2011 as WPMatter, the team from San Francisco decided to rename it to WhatsWP. This site offers great tutorials and guides which will help you get started with WordPress.

79. 3nions

Following the passion about web design and development, the team from Mumbai started 3nions. Today, the site offers interesting articles about WordPress, SEO and technology.

80. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is caching and performance optimization plugin for WordPress. On the site’s blog, you can find out much more about the platform and the plugin itself so make sure you check it out.

81. Apply Filters

Apply Filters is a podcast made for developers. If you like coding, developing themes and plugins, you should definitely start listening to what Brad Touesnard and Pippin Williamson have to say about WordPress.

82. Premium WP

The main purpose of the site is to show you some of the best premium WordPress themes, plugins, and services. Besides that, you can also find news, guides, tutorials and everything WP-related.

83. WP Knights

WP Knights shouldn’t be confused with previously mentioned WP Knight. Similarly, these knights bring you everything WordPress related so you can enjoy guides, tutorials, news, themes, plugins, and much more.

84. Succeed with WP

The site includes detailed guides and tutorials which will help you grow your business by using some of the best WordPress tools. If you want to be a part of the community, you will find a member-only forum where you can ask questions and learn even more about WordPress.

85. How to Plugin

Dedicated exclusevely to plugins, this website will give you reviews, tutorials, top lists and everything else about WordPress plugins.

86. Web Training Wheels

Learn about WordPress from experienced WordPress user and marketing expert. Find interesting article on the blog or follow links to online WordPress training.

87. WP Sessions

WP Sessions is a gathering place of a huge number of WordPress experts. Here you can buy different sessions and learn about the platform and you follow their free blog.

88. WP Elevation

This online program is dedicated to WordPress consultants. WP Elevation will help you improve your workflow, business practices and communication, but you can also read their fantastic blog and learn more about WP and web in general.

89. WP Aisle

WP Aisle is all about WordPress themes, resources and tutorials. Find freebies and read interesting articles on their blog.

90. WP Mastery

This club is dedicated to WordPress and it is actually a weekly newsletter which offers tutorials and relevant info for coaches who use WordPress. Leave your email address and enjoy WordPress.

91. WP Mastery

No, this isn’t a mistake – there are two WP Mastery websites out there. This one has been recently moved from to this domain. It brings you tutorials, reviews, themes, plugins and everything else about WordPress.

92. WP Plugins A-Z

After having success with the podcast, John Overall decided to build the entire website about WordPress plugins. Listen to his podcast, read and learn about WordPress and enjoy the site.

93. WP Pusher Blog

This is a blog dedicated to WordPress deployment, work flow and best practices. Click the button and enjoy their interesting articles.

94. WP Tonic

WP Tonic is a WordPress maintenance service which can help small businesses. Besides that, you can find interesting articles about WordPress on their personal blog pages.

95. WP Watercooler

Instead of gathering around the real watercool, these WordPress experts have been gathering around Google Hangouts to bring you different interetsing topics about WordPress.

96. WPism

Focused on the marketing and business aspects, WPism brings you news, tutorials, tips&tricks, themes, plugins, and everything else WP-related.

97. Newt Labs

The site offers help with support, security, and performance when it comes to WordPress. On their blog, you can learn more about the platform and enjoy interesting articles.


Read guides, get freebies or even write guest posts on this WordPress website. Don’t forget to check out their portfolio.

99. Shout Me Loud

This community gathers people who love internet lifestyle or who are moving in that direction. Here you can learn about web technology in general and there are hundreds of WordPress article to be found.

100. Post Status

This website is dedicated to WordPress news and info. You can read everything about WordPress through the free blog or you can join the exclusive club and start receiving premium content and information about the platform.

101. WP Maximum

WP Maximum is a relatively new website which can teach you about WordPress. The articles found on the site are spread in several categories and will show you tutorials, WordPress plugins and themes, blogging tips, and solutions to common WordPress problems.

Wow! The list is complete! For now. As we might have suggested from the title, the list shows 100+ best sites about WordPress. That means that we will continue on updating the list whenever we find new blogs about WordPress worth mentioning. If you have any suggestions, please don’t be shy and leave us a comment.


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