Top 100+ websites about WordPress (part 2)

After we started the list of top 100+ websites about WordPress with the part 1, you’ve probably never guessed – it’s time for the second part of the list.

Just as a friendly reminder, we’d like to repeat ourselves and say that these websites aren’t ordered by their quality, popularity or any other criteria. If a site is found here, in part 2, that doesn’t mean it can’t be actually better than one found in the first. Before we start turning into philosoraptor, let’s continue with the list.

Although we have wrapped up the list and got the number 100, the list isn’t over. If you have found another website about WordPress worth mentioning on the list, please leave us a comment or send us an email.

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34. The WordPress Chick

If you thought only guys are WordPress lovers, you couldn’t be more wrong. To prove you different, Kim Doyal created her own virtual space based on WordPress. You can enjoy her podcasts, reviews, and interviews which are always fun. Don’t forget her blog and learn basics about WordPress, find different tutorials, guides, find out interesting things about SEO and much more.

35. WP TidBits

This simple website is devoted to WordPress. Here you can find general news, tips & tricks, web trends, different lists and everything WordPress-related.

36. WPFruits

After 5 years experience with WordPress, the team behind WPFruits decided to showcase their knowledge online. Check out theme collections, search for amazing plugins and don’t forget to browse through their tips&tricks section.


This website about WordPress gives you a chance to read reviews and interviews, find different tips about the platform, browse through WordPress directories and much more. If you’re interested in learning more about websites in general, check out their “non-WP” section.

38. WP 101

Instead of reading tutorials, WP 101 has been creating numerous videos which can help you learn WordPress basics in short time. Start watching their videos, read the blog and don’t forget to join forums for discussions about WordPress.

39. SiteGround

SiteGround is a popular web hosting choice for many WordPress fans from around the world. On the official website, you can learn more about their hosting and technologies, but you can also find different tutorials, watch videos and read their blog.

40. WP Site Care

The team behind this website is dedicated to helping small businesses with their WordPress websites. Next to that, WP Site Care offers a blog where you can read interesting articles about WordPress and learn more about it.

41. WP Knight

Another great site about WordPress. WP Knight offers articles about themes and plugins, and it brings tips & tricks you will need for your WordPress powered website.

42. Tips and Tricks HQ

The name of this site says it all. Everything on the site is dedicated to tips and tricks, and most of them are WordPress related. Learn more about technical stuff, about blogging, security, SEO, and much more.

43. Dart Creations

Marketing, SEO and web enthusiast, David Attard, created this awesome website where you can learn much about WordPress and everything else web-related. Check out tips & tricks, tutorials and read articles about the platform.

44. WP Tricks

This is a very simple site about WordPress. There are no categories to be found but a simple blogroll where you can browse through different WordPress-related topics and tutorials.

45. Magee WP

Although dedicate to WordPress themes, Magee WP will let you read news, find different tutorials, tips & tricks and browse through different WP plugins.

46. Winning WP

Winning WP is all about tips, insights and resources for everyone who works with WordPress. There are numerous categories where you can find something of interest so make sure to check them all out.

47. is a content curation service and it allows users to make lists of the best articles found around the Internet. In this case, we’re linking back to WordPress tips and tricks collection so make sure you check it out.

48. WP Site Building

This website will guide you through the entire process of creating a new WordPress powered website. Learn how to install WordPress, how to set up your site, find themes and plugins, and learn how to manage everything.

49. WP Ulti

This is a website magazine which covers much more than just WordPress. Find amazing tutorials for different web technologies, take a look at great themes and plugins, get freebies and much more.

50. WP Sites

After he provided more than 10,000 coded answers about WordPress and Genesis, Brad Dalton decided to start his own website. Now, WP Sites has a collection of more than 1800 Tutorials and over 3000 code snippets tested across different WP themes.

51. Crunchify

If you navigate to the Crunchify homepage, you’ll notice it’s more than just WordPress oriented. But in their WordPress category, you can find more than 300 useful tips and tricks which will definitely help you build a better site.

52. WP Resstic

Another site which doesn’t have catagories – scroll through the brogroll and find interesting WordPress tips and tricks.

53. WP Explorer

WP Explorer offers huge collections of WordPress themes and plugins where you can find really interesting stuff. Also, you can read their great articles, get freebies, find WP hosting, coupons and much, much more.

54. WP Tricks 24

Sunil Chaudhary is a WordPress enthusiast who loves creating, researching and learning everything about the platfrom. If you’re interested in tutorials and guides about WP, don’t forget to check out the site into more details.

55. WP Bakery

You can thank WP Bakery for Visual Composer, one of the most popular page builders for WordPress. But for this article, it’s not their plugin that’s important but their blog section which allows you to expand your WordPress knowledge.

56. WP Superstars

This online publication offers tips, tutorials and other advices on WordPress. Their goal is to simplify WordPress and make it accessible to anyone who want to build a website.

57. iThemes

Although the name might suggest differently, this site actually handles premium WordPress plugins. If you’re interested in backup, security and maintanance, check the homepage but in this article, we want to accentuate their blog which will teach you WordPress basics.

58. WPMudev

Whether you’re searching for simple and easy to follow begginer’s tutorials or you need comprehensive walkthroughs, this site will offer everything you need about WordPress.

59. Justin Tadlock

If you’re planning on creating your own plugin or a theme, tutorials on this site will be much of a help. Start browsing, learn something and good luck with your project.

60. WP Free Setup

This service portal can help you learn basics about WordPress which should enable you to run your own blog. If you need help with the setup, the creator of the site offers free installation, setup, and SEO for your blog.

61. Lorelle on WordPress

Lorelle started blogging back in 2003 and since then, she publishes tutorials, tips, advice and much about WordPress blogging.

62. Pro Blog Design

For the last 9 years, Pro Blog Design teaches you how to use WordPress and how to design websites in general. Read articles and tutorials and get the most out of your site.

63. Cozmolabs

Cozmolabs started as a personal experiment but it ended up as a big firm which focuses on developing, maintaining and supporting WordPress plugins. If you visit their blog, you can find the entire archive of great articles about WordPress.

64. Blondish

How many blondes does it take to run a WordPress site? Well, in this case only one. Nile Flores can help you with WordPress, social media, blogging and much more so make sure that you check her site.

65. InstantShift

InstantShift is a community for web designers and developers. We’re especially interested in their WordPress category where you find daily resources about our beloved CMS.

66. Bill Erickson

Bill has been working with WordPress and contributing to the community since 2006. Since then, he’s developed over 20 plugins and he can teach you a lot on his blog.


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