Top 100+ websites about WordPress (part 1)

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to the web. Some statistics say that every fourth website is powered by WordPress. Since it has years of development to back it up and thousands of people who have worked hard in order to create a unique content management system, it isn’t that surprising that everyone has heard about WordPress. And it’s free. We all love when something of value is actually free.

Still, the platform we really love has outgrown itself and became a huge monster which you need to tame in order to become your best friend on the Internet. While you can do practically everything you want with WordPress, you will have to know your way around it.

Whether it’s the code you want to modify or just copy/paste to the right file, whether you need to find the best plugins and themes for your WordPress-powered website or you want to know what’s new, you’ll need some help. Luckily, there are hundreds of sites which are dedicated to WordPress. Some will bring you news, others will teach you how to code while some will provide reviews of different themes and plugins.

To help you get started, here are some of the best WordPress related websites. Since the list will have 100 websites, we decided to break them into 3 articles. Take note that this is not a top list and we haven’t ordered websites by any criteria. Enjoy the list and learn about WordPress with us. If you have any other WordPress related site in mind, please feel free to leave a link in the comments bellow. Also, don’t forget to check the second part of the list.

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Although we said there won’t be any ranking criteria, we have to start the list with the official WordPress website. Here you can download all the files necessary for WordPress installation, you can find news, free themes and plugins and learn more about the platform. There’s an official forum where you can ask for help or even provide help to others if you already know your way around WordPress.

2. WP Beginner

As its name already suggests, this website is dedicated to WordPress beginners. If you click on the link, you’ll find tons of beginners’ materials about WordPress. There are different tutorials and detailed how-tos, news, theme and plugin reviews. If you’re more of a visual type, WP Beginner has video tutorials ready for you. Find WP-related deals, learn related terms from their dictionary and much more.

3. WP Tavern

“A tavern is a place of business where people gather to drink alcoholic beverages and be served food, and in most cases, where travelers receive lodging.(source: WikiPedia)”. If you combine that with WordPress, can you find anyone who wouldn’t love this place? Relax and learn about the platform, find out more about BuddyPress, bbPress, and everything published by Automattic.

4. WP Kube

Another popular WordPress related blog offers different kinds of tutorials, guides, tips & tricks, news and reviews. Here you will also find the entire category dedicated to product reviews and we believe many of you will like their coupon offers – who doesn’t like to save money on themes, plugins and hosting?

5. WP Snipp

If you like to install WordPress features without having to use plugins, this is a site for you. WP Snipp offers more than 650 code snippets which can be easily installed on any WordPress installation. Browse through different categories and customize your website with their functions.

6. Source WP

Source WP offers theme and plugin collections where you can choose the best ones for your site. This site has grown enough to show different tutorials and guides. If you like deals on WordPress related stuff, don’t forget to check out their category dedicated to that.

7. WP Garage

Just like a regular garage would be a place to find tools about cars, WP Garage is a place where you find different WP-related tools. This site came to life after its founder decided to organize bookmarks. Since WordPress was something she already knew how to use, she decided to organize everything into categories. Now the garage will let you browse through a huge number of useful article about WordPress, organized in as few categories as possible.

8. Manage WP

Manage WP is a service which can help you manage multiple WordPress sites. It provides different tools which will be of use for those of you who run several sites for your clients. The team has been successfully running a blog where everyone can learn more about the service as well as WordPress in general.

9. Bavotasan

There is an interesting short story behind the name of this website so make sure to check the about page. Once you’re done reading the story, you may also want to check out articles about WordPress, tutorials and don’t forget about download section.

10. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine offers much more than just WordPress-related stuff. This site is dedicated to the web and graphic design and besides WordPress tutorials and articles, you can learn more about coding, design, graphics, UX design, etc.

11. WP Eka

Among many quality tips and tricks about WordPress, this site offers many posts on blogging, marketing, SEO and web design. Find some of the best themes and plugins compared on the site, and don’t forget the interview section where you can always learn something new about web design.

12. WP Lift

Founded in 2010, this WordPress-related site has grown very quickly. It started as a simple site offering guides and tutorials, but hundred of thousands of visitors needed more material. That’s why you can find different categories on WP Lift including roundups, coupon offers, different tools and hosting reviews.

13. Pro Blog Design

Although it started as a simple website which offered tutorial and tips&tricks about web design, Pro Blog Design evolved into a team. After working for clients, the team started working on their won project and continued on delivering material about WordPress, CSS, PHP and much more.

14. Pippin’s Plugins

After he realized there weren’t any sites dedicated specifically to WordPress plugins, Pippin Williamson started his own blog. If you’re interested in developing your own plugin, this is the site you have to have in your bookmarks. Browse through tutorials, find reviews and learn more about the finished product the site offers.

15. WP Mail

Instead of covering WordPress-related stuff in a form of a blog, WP Mail uses e-mail to do the same. If you sign up, you can expect weekly newsletter with roundup of WordPress news and articles.

16. WP Living

This website is dedicated to showing video reviews about WordPress themes and plugins, how-tos and showcasing different companies and their products. If you like learning about WordPress through videos, this is the site you should definitely check out.

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17. Deluxe Blog Tips

The team behind popular Meta Box plugin and different WordPress themes is also the one in charge of Deluxe Blog Tips. Here you can find beginners’ as well as advanced tutorials which will help you master the art of WordPress.

18. WP Theming

As you can guess from the blog’s name, WP Theming is all about themes. Learn how to use different themes, find out tips & tricks and find yourself a new theme to work on.

19. WP Engine

If you have worked with WordPress, you’ve probably heard about WP Engine. This hosting company can help you with saving your WordPress-powered website on their servers and show it to the rest of the world. Also, the site features a blog where you can learn more about the platform, how to use themes, plugins, and much more.

20. WP Arena

Another website dedicated to WordPress. Learn about security and errors in WordPress, find themes and plugins, read reviews and don’t forget to check the freebies sections.

21. WP Recipes

After creator of Cats who Code started getting too many questions about WordPress related issues, he decided it’s time for a separate blog. That’s how WP Recipes came to life. Now, it offers a huge amount of hacks and code snippets which can help you customize your website without having to know about programming.

22. WP Tuts

Created by renowned Envato market, this blog is dedicated to WordPress tutorials. Here you can learn how to work with WordPress and more importantly, learn how to create new themes and plugins which you may want to sell on the network. Browse through tutorials, read e-books and take different online courses.

23. Do It With WordPress

If you visit this website, you can expect a lot of WordPress tutorials separated in different categories. Learn about blogging, security, social media, speed of your site and read news, reviews and WP tips&tricks.

24. Theme FM

Even though the name suggest that this site is about themes only, you would be wrong. Theme FM will also teach you about plugins and security. The team behind the site will bring news to you, show you theme and plugin reviews, interesting tips & tricks and everything else WordPress-related.

25. Creative Market

This platform is designed to be home to handmade design content from independent individuals. Creative Market allows you to buy and sell design good, but it also teaches you the basics of WordPress.

26. WP Mayor

WP Mayor is all about WordPress. It was founded back in 2010 and since then it has become a popular place for WodPress enthusiasts. Here you can find theme and plugin reviews, tutorials, news, hacks and much more. Don’t forget to check out WP Mayor’s giveaways and other services they provide.

27. Bob WP

Bob Dunn started working with WordPress back in 2007. After some time with the platform, he realized it was something worth learning into details. Today, Bob is known for his tutorials and reviews about WordPress. Whether you decide to read a tutorial or listen to a podcast, if you like WordPress you should check out the official site.

28. WP Hacks

If you’re about to customize your new WordPress website, you will want to implement different hacks and make the site personal. This site will help you with that and show you the code, teach you about security and CSS. You can read the news or find plugin and theme reviews. That’s just one part of WP Hacks so make sure to check it out in detail.

29. Looks Awesome

Guys at Looks Awesome are stacking up great articles about WordPress. Whether you’re searching for a theme, or you’re in a need for a specific plugin, you can be sure that you’re going to read good reviews on the site. There are also different guides, tutorials, tips & tricks, and much more.

30. WP Shout

Fred and David are in charge of WP Shout. This blog is dedicated to weekly WordPress tutorials where you can learn about the platform. Also, these guys are collecting other cool stuff about WordPress and sharing them with the audience.

31. Sdavis Media

Sdavis Media is a project run by one man – Sean Davis. Its purpose is to present the latest projects made by Sean and you can also get a closer look on WordPress and the world wide web. Read tutorials, find interesting articles and recommendations which can help you with work on your site.

32. Paulund

If you’re searching for in-depth tutorials and awesome code snippets about WordPress, PHP and CSS, this is the site for you. Learn about web development, and if you decide to join the community, you can expect over 100 premium tutorials and downloadable content.

33. Hongkiat

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