An Ultimate Guide To Top 5 WordPress Theme Bugs And How To Fix Them

WordPress is one of the most famous and powerful publishing platforms. It has millions of users and is highly customizable. There are plenty of themes to choose from, which help increase the design and style of your site. But the themes have a great chance to bug out, depending upon the layout of your site. This is an inevitable condition that every user may face.

Users often get confused as to what theme to choose, and what to do when a bug arises. There are many organizations that are designing and offering WordPress themes for the users. The issues related to WordPress themes can be solved by doing simple actions manually.

For this, you have to know about some of the common WordPress theme issues and how to solve them.

1. Slider and tabs problems

Most of the WordPress users mention a common issue that is the sliders do not slide properly or the tabs do not work properly. This is a common issue and can be fixed easily. Sliders and tabs of a site work by using JavaScript to power up their sliding. Both the theme and plug-ins use JS. By using these best practices, themes and plugins can use sliders and other JS features and work without any problem. But this will not happen at all times.

Solution: The solution to this problem is, users have to log in to the WordPress dashboard. Then click on the ‘Plugins’ menu and deactivate the plug-ins one by one. Do this until the theme starts working and after you can reactivate the non-offending plug-ins.

2. Images problem

In a blog, images play an important part in conveying a message to the users. So, it is important for these images to look correct. Sometimes, the images on the site may be bigger than its original size or it may get too stretched. This problem can also be fixed easily.

How to regenerate additional image sizes

Solution: To fix this issue, you will need to regenerate thumbnails. Go to Plugins -> ‘Add New’ option and then search for “Regenerate Thumbnails”. Install the plugin and go to “Tools” menu. Choose “Regen Thumbnails” option. After that, run the plugin and refresh the page. Everything will be alright.

3. Changes aren’t visible

In some situations, users might have made some changes on their site and these changes cannot be seen on the page after the modifications are done. It is not a serious issue, but it has to be fixed.

Solution: This issue can be fixed in two steps:

Clear the browser cache – The user has to clear the cache of their browser and refresh the site by loading up their homepage. Refresh the site and press ‘Ctrl+R’ combination keys. If this does not work, then the problem is somewhere else. So, go to the second option.

Clear the plugin cache – This can be done if the user uses a caching plugin like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. Users need to clear the cache of the plug-in.

4. A theme does not look like demo

Users generally want their homepage theme to look like its demo. They don’t want any confusion on their site. Unfortunately, sometimes the themes that the user use on their site don’t look like the same as in the demo.

Generally, WordPress themes will need a bit of setup. Based on the theme, you will need to do certain things to make it look like the demo. This type of issue stated as a static page issue and can be fixed easily.

Solution: Go to ‘Template’ option in the ‘Page Attributes’ menu. Look for ‘Home or Homepage template’ option. If this option is available create a page using the template option. Then go to ‘Reading’ option in the settings and make it as the static page option. Most of the times, this problem occurs because we forget to customize the theme according to our own requirements.

5. No visitors due to theme change

The site may not get visitors just because its theme has been changed. This problem arises when the user forgets to install the Google Analytics.

Solution: This problem is quite easy to solve and it can be resolved by installing the Google Analytics plugin. Installing this plugin will not let this problem happen in the future. So, install the Google Analytics plug-in and refresh your site and thereby you can work with your site with no visitors issues because of theme change.

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