Top 5 ultimate WordPress tools that you can get for free

WordPress is the ultimate website builder on the Internet, and it’s only natural that it made it to the top by being the best that site builders have to offer. WP supports over 75 million websites on the World Wide Web and with that come over 44,000 plugins and extensions to choose from. If you’re not impressed by numbers, then think about all those people who are using those websites and have built successful businesses and that thought alone will inspire you to choose WordPress.

The best thing about WP is that you can tweak and adjust your website any way you like thanks to the plugins that abound and are safe to use. This article is dedicated to top 5 ultimate WordPress tools that you can use to upgrade your site and achieve your goals.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a plugin you need to have in your virtual “toolbox” if you care at all about your search engine optimization. This plugin is practically indispensable for anyone that wants to run a successful website and have a clear insight into what is going on it.

You get a wide array of possibilities when you install Google Analytics on your WP site, though it’s important to note that you have to run a self-hosted website to install this plugin. Google Analytics has got integrated tracking codes, which enable you to easily and accurately follow up on everything going on the site and you can easily track outbound links and downloads as well. What we particularly like about this analytics plugin is that it offers a full debug mode, which will be of great help in case something goes wrong within the plugin itself. You might need some time to get the hang of using all the features that Google Analytics has to offer, but once you do, you’ll have all the information you need to improve any aspect of your website that needs fixing.

Yoast SEO


If you’re just starting your website and you need all the help you can get with SEO, then look no further than Yoast SEO. Though this sounds like a cheesy infomercial, the truth is that Yoast was made to assist you in optimizing your content as close to perfection as it can get.

High-quality content is the bread and butter of every successful website, and Yoast SEO checks on all the aspects of your writing and optimization to make sure you didn’t skip on anything. The plugin prompts you to choose a keyword, which you should then use in your text for a certain number of times otherwise, it will tell you that you need to up your SEO game. Meta descriptions, alt tags, and snippet reviews all need to be taken care of for Yoast to be satisfied with the quality of your content, which is excellent because you practically check boxes until your articles and pictures are perfectly optimized.

Security Ninja


No matter how optimized and packed with plugins your website is, if you don’t take care of its security, it can all go to the dogs at any minute. Not to much surprise, WP is a very frequent target of hackers and cybercriminals, which is why it’s essential to have strong security that will prevent the most common security risks and tracking.

Security Ninja is very easy to navigate because with one click the plugin will run over fifty security checks for various types of attacks. Not only that but if a problem is found, you will get a suggestion on how to solve it as well and Security Ninja will also provide preventive to put your website out of danger’s way. If you’re trying to avoid tracking and surveillance, then you will need to pair Security Ninja with proxies of virtual private networks to make your website as private as possible. Some of the best VPNs will have servers and proxies all over the world like it’s the case with Nord VPN proxies, which will enable you to mask your IP address and secure your website from any form of tracking. Using both Security Ninja and a trustworthy VPN will make your website an impenetrable fortress that will present a challenge for any cyber criminal out there. Once Security Ninja gets the module which will automatically fix found problems, the tool will become a must-have for any WordPress user.

Beaver Builder


Tweaking the design of your whole website doesn’t have to be a tiresome process in which programmers have to participate, and Beaver Builder can make sure of that. Layouts of the pages are column-based and highly responsive, not to mention that you can edit practically anything on your site. You can choose whether your backgrounds will be one-colored, or you’ll have an excellent photo or even a video to run in the background, anything is possible. When there are so many options to choose from, we can’t even list them all, and if you’re looking for a way to improve your website, then you should definitely give Beaver Builder a chance and discover many options that it has to offer.

Envira Gallery


Every website is in need of a visual touchup every now and then, and one of the best ways to do that is to refresh the look of your gallery. According to user experiences, as well as what Envira has to say about their gallery plugin, this is one of the most responsive and user-friendly galleries you can find on WordPress websites. What we like the most about the plugin is the fact that you don’t need to be a technological wiz to make it work, as it is a drag & drop gallery that can be arranged very quickly and it will still look modern and unique. Another perk you get with Envira is that it is entirely adaptable, which means it will keep its design no matter on which device you view it on. In short, Envira Gallery has got everything that an up-to-date modern website needs – beautiful and responsive design that can be set and altered in a matter of minutes.

WordPress plugins are an excellent way to help yourself in managing your website, and they will also make the user experience much better. Depending on the needs of your website, you can try a couple of these plugins to see how they work and you can even try them all and look forward to the final results.

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