Under Construction Page – let people enjoy your site even while you’re doing maintenance

Whether you’re still building your site or just making small changes which might affect visitors, you don’t have to let them see that your website is broken. Nobody likes to open an incomplete site. No matter what you think, you actually might lose customers instead of making money just because you let them land on a broken site. But you can easily fix that with Under Construction Page plugin for WordPress.

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You have probably already seen a site that was under construction. Instead of the usual content, you get a landing page designed specifically for this occasion. If you were wondering how to create such a beautiful and simple site, let us show you.

Just to remind you, we already talked about creating a maintenance mode page by yourself. That can be fun if you like to code and design things, but still, it will take a lot of your time to set things just like you wanted them. And the problem is that if you’re not a designer, you’ll have a hard time creating a visually stunning under construction page. We do love doing things on our own, and we encourage you to try to code the page manually if you enjoy HTML and CSS. But if you’re not skillful enough or just don’t have enough time to build everything by yourself, let us show you how to create a professional under construction page in just several minutes. If you don’t have the time to set up a blog, we’re here to help.

Under Construction Page


If you open the plugin’s page on the official WordPress plugins repository, you’ll immediately see that it is one of the most popular plugins for the job. There are more than 100,000 active installs at the moment, and the number is growing rapidly. Also, there are more than 800 5-star reviews, and soon you will know why people love Under Construction Page so much.

Since the plugin is relatively small, you can have it installed and activated in a matter of seconds. Well, that depends on the speed of your Internet connection, but it probably won’t take you that much to load 2MB. After the activation process, you can immediately navigate to Settings -> Under Construction and start the customization.

Put your site in under construction mode

If you’re in a rush, all it takes is to click one button, and your site will be ready for under construction or maintenance mode. You can find the button in the Basic settings tab. By enabling the mode, you should take note that after saving changes, all users (except selected ones; we’ll talk about that later) will not be able to access the site’s content. Instead, they will see the under construction page. Well, that’s what you wanted in the first place, right?

Under Construction Page for WordPress

Your new landing page will show to visitors until you decide to click the button again. That’s a perfect option for maintenance when you don’t know how long will it take to fix things. But if you’re using the plugin to show a coming soon page and you have set the publishing date, Under Construction Page lets you publish it automatically. Just adjust the date in the Basic settings and the plugin will hit the button for you.

Want to know how many people saw the under construction page? If you have set up your Google Analytics account, all you need is your unique tracking ID. You can find it in your GA tracking profile settings. Paste it in the plugin’s settings and you’ll be able to track the visits in Google Analytics.

Have a professionally designed page with just one click

UnderConstructionPage themes

If you open the second tab in the plugin’s settings, you can start working on your design. Instead of thinking about the background images and the graphic elements to include on the page, all you have to do is select a template. Voila; after saving changes, your page will be professionally designed and will look great on all devices! And you can get that just with one click.

Currently, there are ten fantastic themes you can choose from. The developer releases new ones every two weeks. But if you want even more, make sure that you click the last link and tweet about it.

Unfortunately, there is no option to add a custom background image on the page at the moment, but that’s something the developer’s already working on! We expect to see the option in the following updates which will make Under Construction Page even better.

If you still want to style a thing or two on your new under construction page, you can use custom CSS code to target particular elements on it.

Add Content

Although the choice of a theme can be relevant to your audience, you can’t leave the image without content. That takes us to the next tab on the setting’s page which is by far the most customizable one.

For starters, you can modify the title and the description. Not only this will look good in a browser, but it’s also important for SEO. The plugin allows you to use five shortcodes which can show site’s name, tagline, and different URLs.

Then, you can write a headline which will be the first things to capture the attention of your visitor. By default, the headline says: “Sorry, we’re doing some work on the site”, but you can come up with something unique. Be creative and let your visitors know what’s going on. Is your site under construction? Are you doing maintenance mode? Is it scheduled for the next week?

The content box is a familiar one; you get to use standard WordPress Visual and Text Editors. That means that you can write text, add videos and images. Here you can use all HTML tags, but take note that you can’t use shortcodes created by 3rd party themes and plugins.

UCP custom content

To make it easier for yourself, admins and authors, you can add a discrete login or admin link. In that case, people who have access to your admin panel can click on the link and login without having to navigate away from the under construction page. It really looks nice, but if you don’t need the button, you can switch it off from the setting’s page.

If you ask us, you can’t have an under construction or a maintenance page without social icons. Since your site isn’t available, your visitors and potential customers have to have an option to contact you. Whether you’re gonna allow them to email you or you want to connect via Facebook, Twitter or other social media, it’s up to you. Besides the email address, Under Construction Page lets you quickly connect Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, LinkedIn, Dribbble, Behance, Instagram and other popular social media profiles.

Manage Access

With Under Construction Page, you can easily manage access to your site. While doing repairs, there’s no need to show under construction page to admins, even to authors. That’s why the developers allowed you to whitelist user roles who will not be affected by the plugin. For example, if you want admins to see the standard site, just put a check next to the role.

Want to control the access to the website by specific usernames? Yes, you can do that; just enter the usernames you don’t want to be affected by the plugin. It’s easy as that!

Final Words

Whether you want to put your site under construction mode quickly, create a maintenance mode page which will show your visitors that you care about them even while fixing stuff or display a beautiful coming soon page, Under Construction Page is a perfect choice for you. The plugin is completely free, easy to setup, and the result is simply fantastic!

Give it a try, and we assure you that it will be hard to turn off the Under Construction Page once your site is about to go live again.

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