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It’s a really busy world around us. If you have time to take a glance at the crowd, you will notice that everyone is in a hurry and everyone is trying to save a minute or two on pretty much everything. If you have found time and started writing a blog, you will probably find out that writing a good article takes time. So, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the platform you’re writing on and use editor shortcuts to save valuable time?

WordPress is actually a great platform for someone in a hurry. There are literally millions of themes and plugins ready to help you with your work, and there might be even more snippets which will automatize a process or add a feature that will save you time.

As you’re starting with your blog, you might actually forget about keyboard shortcuts which can help you work faster. Just like you use shortcuts to copy text, links, images, etc. in your operating system of choice, WordPress gives you keyboard shortcuts which can help you move around the system.

We have already shown you how to use shortcuts on comments. Those can really help you save time if you have to moderate comments often. And just like with comments, you can help yourself working with the editor and start using shortcuts to copy and paste text, align it, change heading sizes or check your spelling by tapping the correct key combination.

Since Text and Visual Editor are different, WordPress offers different keyboard shortcuts for each of them. If you take a quick look below, don’t let a number of shortcuts frighten you – every shortcut is designed carefully and actually makes sense.

Text Editor shortcuts:

If you’re using a Mac, use Command key instead CTRL)

  • CTRL+C – Copy
  • CTRL+V – Paste
  • CTRL+X – Cut
  • CTRL+A – Select All
  • CTRL+Z – Undo
  • CTRL+Y – Redo
  • CTRL+B – Bold
  • CTRL+I – Italic
  • CTRL+U – Underline
  • CTRL+K – Insert or edit a link

Visual Editor shortcuts:

On a Windows or a Linux computer, use “ALT+SHIFT+LETTER” to activate a shortcut. The same goes if you’re running any WP version older than 4.2 on a Mac, but if you’re running a newer version of WordPress on a Mac, you should use “CTRL+OPT(ALT)+LETTER”:

  • ALT+SHIFT+N – Check Spelling
  • ALT+SHIFT+L – Align left
  • ALT+SHIFT+R – Align right
  • ALT+SHIFT+C – Align center
  • ALT+SHIFT+J – Justify text
  • ALT+SHIFT+D – Text strikethrough
  • ALT+SHIFT+U – Unordered list
  • ALT+SHIFT+O – Ordered list
  • ALT+SHIFT+A – Insert a link
  • ALT+SHIFT+S – Remove a link
  • ALT+SHIFT+Q – Quote
  • ALT+SHIFT+M – Insert image
  • ALT+SHIFT+W – Enter Distraction Free Writing mode
  • ALT+SHIFT+T – Insert more tag
  • ALT+SHIFT+P – Insert page break tag
  • ALT+SHIFT+H – Open help
  • ALT+SHIFT+X – Add or remove code tag
  • ALT+SHIFT+[number 1-6] – Change heading
  • ALT+SHIFT+9 – Address

Distraction Free Writing mode:

  • Ctrl + – Wider editor width
  • Ctrl – – Narrower editor width
  • Ctrl 0 – Default width

Just like with anything new, it will probably take time getting used to using all those shortcuts. Of course, you don’t have to learn all of them. But once you try few of the shortcuts for actions you are activating more often than the others, you will probably never stop using them.

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