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The Internet is all about people. When smartphones and tablets didn’t even exist, people spent their time socializing on different forums and newsgroups. Then, some smart folks thought of the even better concept of socializing over the Internet, and they came up with the idea of first social networks. Like social networks weren’t getting popular enough on personal computers, smartphones helped to propel new networks because now they became easily accessible. Today, most of us can’t imagine the world without smartphones and social networks, and this can be good for your website even if you don’t like to socialize online.

Whether you like using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and all the other social networks or not, you must recognize the power behind them if you want to run a successful business. Whether you have a big or small company or you write a simple blog, you should already know that social media networks can help you promote yourself. To be even more precise, those networks will do the promotion for you.

There are numberless ways of getting the most out of each social network. You should start by adding social media icons to your site and allow people to share articles for you. We suggest that you check some of the best social media plugins for WordPress, see how to quickly create your own social media icons, and how to recycle old articles on social networks.

Still, this is just the beginning. If you want to get more traffic, you will have to be more aggressive and let people know how and what to share.

In today’s article, we’re about to show you the power of Viral Content Bee.

Viral Content Bee

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Viral Content Bee is a free social media promotion website. It is relatively straightforward, and you can become a member in a matter of seconds. But just becoming a member isn’t what you want from this awesome service. You want to become an active participant who will share others’ articles and prepare articles which will be shared by others.

How does this work?

The whole idea behind VCB concept is really simple. And just because of that, it works like a charm. After you register a new account, you’ll be able to connect social media accounts to the service. For now, there are only five social media networks you can use: Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

After navigating to the Settings page , you will be able to connect all those accounts. For starters, you can have 5 Twitter accounts, 2 Facebook accounts while StumbleUpon and Pinterest allow only for one account to be used. While Google Plus can be used, it won’t get you any credits. And credits are important for Viral Content Bee, and here is why.

Share other articles

Viral Content Bee dashboard

Now that you have connected your accounts, you can start using VCB for sharing. To share an article, all you have to do is to navigate to the dashboard. There, you will see a list of new items ready to be shared. Depending on your settings, you will have posts from your favorite categories, but you can also navigate away to any category of interest. Now you have to find a post which sounds interesting to you, read the title and visit the associated link with it. If you like the article and you’re ready to share it, the fun begins! Depending on author’s settings, you will get to share that article on before mentioned social media.


Sharing on Twitter and Facebook will get you 1 credit for each share, while StumbleUpon and Pinterest will land you 4 credits.

It is important to know that VCB doesn’t like aggressive sharing. Although you might have all available social media accounts, that doesn’t mean that you have to share each and every article on all of the networks.

Create projects for others to share

In order to create a new project, i.e. to add a new link which you want to share with others, you will need to have at least 10 credits to spare. The more credits you have, more shares you can expect from others. Once you accumulate needed points, sharing gets easy – copy URL to your article, enter a title and description, choose social media networks you want to use and select up to three categories for the article. Since you’ve probably just started, your new project will be placed in a queue and wait for a moderator to approve it. Don’t worry; the moderators are usually quick but make sure that you read VCB quality guidelines before sending an article.

Once your project gets approved, it will appear in the selected categories, and other users will be able to share it. This finishes the cycle. Now others will be able to spend credits for sharing your article, and you can start getting new credits by sharing new projects. A simple concept and we love it!

Get your project on top

If you feel that your project was left behind and didn’t get enough shares, you can add 30 credits to it, and that project will be placed on top of the list once again.

If you use Viral Content Beefor a longer period of time and you frequently add new projects, VCB moderators will reward you by adding your account to the safe list. That means that your new projects won’t be queued anymore; instead, they will be published instantly.


The good news is that all described above the line is completely free! You won’t have to add your credit card information, nor you’ll have to pay for anything else. Still, Viral Content Buzz does have several PRO features which you can opt in for. Depending on the plan you choose, you will get credits renewed on a monthly basis. Also, you get priority in project review queue, a G+ button, better analytics, access to private forums, and the option to submit projects by RSS.
Viral Content Bee price

Even if you don’t choose to upgrade your account, Viral Content Bee will help you get those extra shares and visits to your articles. We suggest that you give it a go and try out what the service can do for you. Make sure that you have active social media accounts, don’t spam the network, and you will enjoy the benefits of a working bee.

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