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Although the English language is perceived as global, many people don’t speak it at all.  Sometimes, you will just have to have your site in another language. For example, if you’re targeting audience in Florida, USA, it won’t hurt to have your site in Spanish. If you have created a website for Canadians, you’ll probably want the site in English and French as well. Let’s take Switzerland as another example where there are three different languages spoken, so most of the sites come in German, French and Italian. No matter the language, translating an entire site might be time-consuming and very exhausting.

It’s not that hard to install WordPress in your own language or even to translate the entire backend for specific users. But what about the whole site content?

Well, with Weglot Translate you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Let us show you that translating a site to multiple languages can be quick and easy. And it’s just a plugin away.

Weglot Translate

PRICE: From 99€ per year

If you have a small website (up to 2000 words) that you want to translate to just one language, the plugin will be entirely free for you. After installing and activating it, you will have to create an account on the official website, copy the API key, and you will be ready to translate the site. To be more precise, the plugin will take over the job.

Translate the entire website in just a few clicks

Weglot Translate

With Weglot Translate, you won’t have to search for .po files nor have to edit the source files to translate your WordPress site. The first part of your translation is completely automatic, and you can have the site in another language just by clicking a button:

  1. After the installation, navigate to Weglot dashboard
  2. Enter the API key
  3. Choose the original language of your WordPress website
  4. Select destination languages (as many as you want if you’re using the premium version)
  5. Customize the language button
  6. Save changes

After hitting the button, open your website and search for the new language menu. Depending on your customization options, look for flags or language code, and simply click the button. Voila! Your site is now completely translated!

Detailed Translations

Although Weglot’s robots are quite good translators, you already know that a machine (still) can’t make a perfect translation. The developers are very well aware of that, and they have a solution for you.

After the automatic translation is over, you can start working on details. Instead of fiddling with the plugin’s settings, the developers want you to go to their website and do everything online. Don’t worry; you’ll love how intuitive and good the service really is.

Weglot Translation List

On the list, you will be able to see all of the available translations. The parts of your website will be grouped so that you can easily get access to text, media and SEO elements. All you have to do is to keep scrolling and translating parts of your site.

We loved how the dashboard is well-organized and intuitive. Just by spending several minutes, you can have your site translated in details.

If you are more of a visual type, you will love the visual editor that comes with Weglot. Just click to open the popup window with languages of your choice and the translations will become a piece of cake. To get a closer look, check out the following screenshot.

Weglot Translate Visual Editor

If you have had some experience with translating websites, you are quite aware there are exceptions to be made on a regular basis. Some words and phrases just can’t be translated, and you will want them to stay intact. For example, since “loop” is just a word, we didn’t want the name of our site “WP Loop” to translate, so we created an exception (see screenshot below). Weglot’s developers know that, so they allowed you to create quick exceptions rules. Similarly, you will want some terms and expressions always to translate. You can quickly add them, as well, and forget about the particular terms in the future. Weglot Translate will get you covered from that point.

Weglot Translate exception rules

No matter what your site is about, you will have words that repeat over and over again. Instead of losing time, you can search and replace the terms in bulk.

Professional Translators

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just won’t be able to translate everything as you wanted. But once you upgrade your Weglot account, you will get access to professional translators who will do the job for you. While translating, you will find a new icon which will add the selected sentence to the queue.

Once you have made all the selections, you will be able to forward the sentences to the professional translators. For just $0.08 per word, you can have the translations added to your Weglot account in less than two days. And the amazing part is that you don’t have to do a thing – after completing the order, the translation will become a part of your site!

Optimized for SEO

Weglot follows Google SEO best practices for your translated page to make sure you’ll be indexed without doing anything from your side:

  • Your content is translated on the server side, allowing Google and other search engines to see and index the translated versions (unlike javascript plugins, that only translate on the client side, hence not detectable by Google)
  • Dedicated URL automatically created for each version of your pages with subdirectories (/es, /fr, for Spanish and French versions for example)
  • Href lang tags automatically created and added in the HTML of the translated pages
  • SEO tags translated

Language Button Customization

Weglot Language Button

As visitors use the translation button to select their language, it’s important to style it properly. If you navigate to Weglot dashboard on your WordPress site, you will find several styling options.

For starters, you can decide if you want to show buttons or a drop-down list. Then, you get to show flags, country codes or the full names of languages. Flags are available in different styles (circle, square and rectangle) while you can even choose different types of flags for specific countries. Just in case none of the options suit your site, you get to customize the CSS code for the button.

By default, the language button will appear on the bottom right of your site. If you don’t like it there, you can put the button in the navigation menu. Also, you can use it as a widget, add via shortcode or even place in any of the template files. The choice is up to you.

Automatic language detection

With a premium account, you’ll be able to activate automatic detection of visitors’ languages in the settings.

If you want a WordPress site in any of the 60+ languages from the list, Weglot Translate is the plugin you just have to have. It will save you time by doing most of the things automatically, while still giving you a chance to fine-tune every word on the site manually.

Since the developers offer the free 10-day trial, we strongly suggest that you test the plugin and translate your site without losing time on unnecessary file manipulation.

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