Why Gamers Should Blog

“Hi, Gamers! You already love to play games, right? You probably love to talk about your gaming experience with friends or even in game chat, right? Then, you are already primed and ready to start a gaming blog! Gamers should blog for a long list of reasons. There are many positive reasons why you should buy hosting and start a blog about your gaming experiences and almost no negative reasons opposing the idea. Take your character beyond the game and give him or her a voice through your blog. This blog post will show you why it’s a good idea to blog about gaming, provide resources for blogging, show you how easy it is to blog, and supply you with a whole list of ideas to get you started on your new, fabulous gaming blog.

Blogging Resources and the Newbie Blogger Initiative

Here at FirstSiteGuide, we feature a guide for bloggers with details on starting your blog and where to go from there. In addition, you can download our eBook, which will help get you online and able to start sharing your thoughts, experience, and gaming ideas. Another excellent place to start in addition to is the Newbie Blogger Initiative (NBI). The Newbie Blogger Initiative is a grassroots community effort to support gamers who want to communicate their passion about video games through blogging, vlogging, streaming video, and podcasting. Their purpose is threefold. First, to promote aspiring game bloggers, second to establish a friendly support network to nurture those bloggers, and third to create an on-going community for bloggers that is available around the clock every day of the year. If anyone wants to learn about a game, or online gaming in general, they can learn so much from other players who are passionate about gaming, building the gaming community, and enjoy spreading the word. Bloggers who want to be able to achieve those goals can greatly benefit from a network like NBI. Game bloggers mostly blog for other bloggers and that is why having a support network to help promote blogs and nurture the game blogger community is so important.

Benefits of Blogging

Besides the fact that you get to share your opinion of games and your passion for gaming, there are other benefits of blogging about the games you play. The more game bloggers there are, the more the benefit the community as a whole receives. By helping to build this community, you ensure that in the future there will be a place for gamers to go to read up on just about anything to do with games from reviews to shortcuts and special rewards. Here are a 5 more benefits of blogging:

  • Getting the opportunity to network with other gamers and build relationships is one of the best benefits of blogging.
  • Writing can make playing online games even more fun because of the relationships you build and the information you can gain about the games you love from the community you become a part of.
  • When you write about games from a player’s perspective, it can help developers create more interesting, fun and more challenging games. Sharing your knowledge with developers will allow them to read the opinions of game bloggers and see the comments on the various blogs from other players in the gaming community.
  • Bloggers can help convince others to choose the game that is right for them. Multi-player game, MMORPG, death matches, etc. are just some of the gaming styles that you might describe on your blog. Your writing can help narrow the choices down for a reader and help them decide which type of game they want to play. Maybe they might try new games based on your descriptions. When you describe the game itself and elaborate on a first-hand account of what it is like to experience playing the game, it can certainly give your readers a great idea of what each game is like.
  • As a game blogger, you can help rate games so that others can find games that they would be interested in playing. In addition to helping developers get a sense of what players think about their game, you can inform other members of the gaming community how you would rate certain games. Plus, your own blog gives you the chance to elaborate on that review rather than just giving it stars without the ability to expound on the reasons why you rated a game the way you did.

Ideas for Game Bloggers

OK, so you are ready to start a gaming blog. Wondering what to write about? We have a list of ideas for game bloggers that probably only tips the surface of the wide variety of topics we are sure that you will be inspired to write about once you get started. One aspect of game blogging that many new bloggers might not realize is that starting a blog is your chance to give your in-game character a chance to have a voice and you can expand upon the character you have created and love. Here are some suggested topics for your game blog:

  • Walk-Through: A walk-through is a thorough description of gameplay with screenshots, coordinates, and maps to help gamers new to a game navigate and figure out how to play. If you write a post of a walk-through of a game you play, it can help other players not get frustrated with the game, get caught up, or maybe not get defeated too easily. Newbie players really appreciate walk-throughs because they might have given up on a game without your guidance.
  • Lists: Lists are always great for blogs. What are your favorite games of all time? What are your favorite games online and on each gaming console? You can write about the top games for the year, month, or any time period. Those all make great lists to write about.
  • Help Other Gamers Decide: You can write a blog post that helps other gamers decide what type of game is right for them. They may not know and may not have the experience playing different games like you do. You can write about what it is like to play on different platforms, mobile, devices, and consoles.
  • Free vs. Paid Games: Which games are worth the price? That makes an excellent blog post because most gamers want to know before paying whether it is going to be worth the money since there are so many free games out there. Speaking of free games, which are the best free games? You can separate posts for free games on different platforms, mobile, or online versions.
  • Is Questing Worth It? Some online games have quests for you to go on. Other online games give your character the opportunity to farm or participate in crafting to gain points, levels, or in game currency. You can write about whether it is worth it to partake in these activities in each game.
  • How to Join a Guild: Many online games have guilds you can join. As you know, guild members can become friends and can help each other out in and out of the game. You can write about topics related to guilds such as “Benefits of Joining a Guild”, “Best Games for Guilds”, or tell stories about relationships you build with guild members.
  • Hidden Secrets and Exploits: An exploit is a “glitch” or previously unknown error in the programming that some gamers find by accident. An exploit makes it much too easy to accomplish tasks or goals in a game. For example, an exploit might allow a player to complete a level or kill a boss just because he or she was accidentally positioned in the right spot. This is a problem because, like the name describes, gamers can exploit this when found and get undeserved extras. In other cases, an exploit can allow a gamer to continue farming and gain unfair advantages against other players. There are many other examples of exploits you have likely come across that you can write about. Writing about exploits can pass information on to other gamers but also can expose problems to developers so that they can fix it and make the game better or more challenging. Writing about exploits might be looked upon negatively by other gamers, but if you are exposing a problem in the game, you can expose cheaters and make the game more fair and enjoyable for everyone. It can also boost your level of credibility and expertise within the community. Publishers or developers might even reach out to you to help them discover exploits.
  • In Game Easter Eggs: In game Easter Eggs are like special achievements or hidden surprises that help you out in the game or are just there for fun. You could blog about these Easter Eggs / special achievements and describe which ones have better outcomes than others.
  • Tell Stories About Your Game Play: Everyone loves to hear stories and we are sure that every gamer has at least a story or two. Maybe it is about a friend you made gaming, maybe it is about something funny that happened in game. Share stories how your game time gives you a chance to escape from the real world and live in a fantasy world for that brief time you get to spend playing, creating characters, and living in an alternate reality.


We hope that these ideas have inspired you to start blogging. We offer you the resources, ideas, and reasons why you should blog. Now you can get started. We wanted to leave you with one last tip. Remember that a blog doesn’t have to be only text. Add plenty of images, screenshots, and video of your gaming experiences so that your blog will be rich with media and engaging to your readers. If you have a WordPress blog, you can make it better with amazing gaming themes and gaming plugins.

If connecting with your community and bringing your game characters to life even more isn’t incentive enough to blog, you can also generate some income from your own blog through affiliate programs, banners, and product reviews. Want to see some examples of game blogs already up and running? Here is a list of game bloggers who are starting to build a community effort:

A Green Mushroom author pic

A Green Mushroom

This blog is a place for me to write down my thoughts on the world of gaming or any other subject that may catch my attention. Playing and discussing video games has been a big part of my life since I was a little kid. Although I hope to get comments and generate discussion, A Green Mushroom is mainly a spot for me to write about what I love, games.

A Green Mushroom Website Screenshot

A Journey through the Mind author pic

A Journey through the Mind

There are excellent game blogs. There are excellent philosophy blogs. My personal interest in the zone of overlap between what is commonly known as “Real Life” (RL) and in-game. Sometimes however, I stray into other topics…

A Journey through the Mind Website Screenshot

ALT:ernative author pic


This blog is about faffing and rambling, let’s be honest. This means pets, achievements, gathering, discussing popular culture from the 1960’s until now, often inappropriate conversations, gold making, AH speculation and pretty much all points in between.

ALT:ernative Website Screenshot

Avatars of Steel author pic

Avatars of Steel

I’m also very ordinary. A middle aged lady with a household that expands and contracts with school holidays, the coming and going of friends and family etc. I like to play games instead of watching tv in the evenings when the day’s work is done because the non-interactive media of the day is at best dull, at worst agenda-driven and at normal too much of an advertising vehicle. Pretty tedious pickings. Games, on the other hand are fun.

Avatars of Steel Website Screenshot

Beau Hindman author pic

Beau Hindman

I am a 40 year old writer, artist and drummer currently living in Austin, Texas with my lovely wife Leala and our animals. I am what you would call a freelancer.

Beau Hindman Website Screenshot

Berath’s Brain Burps author pic

Berath’s Brain Burps

This blog is about some of the thoughts that go round in my head. And games, books and films. Not a lot else really.

Berath’s Brain Burps Website Screenshot

Bio Break author pic

Bio Break

Bio Break, a blog devoted to MMORPGs, RPGs, and games that don’t have “RPG” in them! I’m Syp, a 38-year-old gamer/writer/fugitive. I’ve been gaming ever since I was a wee tyke on my Atari 2600, and grew up programming games, pouring over RPG manuals.

Bio Break Website Screenshot

Blog de la Burro author pic

Blog de la Burro

Hello! Welcome to Blog de la Burro. Now wipe your feet! So, Blog de la Burro, eh? What’s that all about then? Games mostly. Games I play and then the short stories I’ve written about them. Other than that not a lot except for some swearing. Enjoy!

Blog de la Burro Website Screenshot

Blue Kae author pic

Blue Kae

I’ve been a gamer since I was eight. I’ve decided to start this blog because of some recent trends in the gaming industry. Normally something will happen that irritates or fascinates me and I think I should write about it, but I never do. Lately though, the urge has stuck.

Blue Kae Website Screenshot

Caer Morrighan author pic

Caer Morrighan

Welcome to Caer Morrighan. This blog is written by a long time MMO player who is sometimes retribution paladin Morrighan, sometimes Imperial Agent Brynna, sometimes Mesmer Akandra and sometimes someone else entirely.

Caer Morrighan Website Screenshot

Casual Aggro author pic

Casual Aggro

My name is Mike but please call me Ocho. Ocholivis was the name of my first World of Warcraft character that I now use across all games. By the way, I do NOT write for a living. Gaming is my primary hobby and I’ve been playing games of all types for as long as I can remember all the way back to the Atari 2600.

Casual Aggro Website Screenshot

Contains Moderate Peril author pic

Contains Moderate Peril

Contains Moderate Peril is the collective views of Roger Edwards and several writers on gaming, genre films and TV. There’s also wider interest in their respective industries. However the blog’s remit is not set in stone, so there’s always scope to cover other matters of interest.

Contains Moderate Peril Website Screenshot

Creeping… author pic


Well it turns out that I really enjoy games. I’ve been fascinated with the concept of virtual worlds for years. Games for me are virtual words with quests. I’ve enjoyed trying out games and exploring the worlds developed to create games. Sometimes I get caught up in the games, sometimes I don’t.

Creeping… Website Screenshot

Crucible Gaming author pic

Crucible Gaming

I am a long time blogger and podcaster, but on niche topics/sites and have never really had a site where I could just throw all my thoughts pertaining to gaming, technology and general geekery into one place.

Crucible Gaming Website Screenshot

Distilled Willpower author pic

Distilled Willpower

Distilled Willpower is your source for daily gaming updates – whether that be video games OR alternative reality games. Fun Fact: Reading DWP on a daily basis increases red blood cell count.

Distilled Willpower Website Screenshot

Dragonchasers author pic


I’m a gray-beard gamer who cut his teeth on paper & cardboard counter games from SPI. My first computer was an Atari 400. My first published computer game review was in ST Log, a long-dead magazine about the Atari ST computers. From there I did some chapters for some video game guides and freelance reviewing.

Dragonchasers Website Screenshot

Epic Slant author pic

Epic Slant

Epic Slant Press LLC is a small publishing company based in North Carolina that currently focuses on books and games. Positivity is the driving force that guides each and every project that the company takes on.

Epic Slant Website Screenshot

Gamer BC author pic

Gamer BC

Currently I’ve taking a liking to talking, discussing, writing, and moding games. I currently am focusing on my gaming related blog, GamerBC and my goal is to one-day get involved in the Games Industry whether that is in journalism or an active hand in development. I enjoy working and writing about games.

Gamer BC Website Screenshot

Games and Geekery author pic

Games and Geekery

Games and Geekery is the gaming blog of Victor “Stillwater” Barreiro Jr., and it features general experiences and posts regarding the games that have captured the hearts and minds of millions around the world.

Games and Geekery Website Screenshot

Healing the Masses author pic

Healing the Masses

I have been gaming for around 15 years now beginning from my love of harvesting Tiberium in Command and conquer or ore in Red alert. I played multi-player quite a bit back then with friends, having lan gatherings and the like.

Healing the Masses Website Screenshot

Herding Cats author pic

Herding Cats

Herding Cats was created in December, 2008 by a Canadian woman with weird hair named Liore. Liore’s favorite non-MMO games include the Mass Effect Trilogy, SpaceChem, and any city builder. She generally likes RPGs and games with a great story.

Herding Cats Website Screenshot

Hiveminded author pic


MMO gaming enthusiast and terrible movie lover. He has been playing MMOs since the dawn of time. (Or at least the dawn of MMOs.) Since Meridian 59 and The Realm, he has been dwelling in cyber space.

Hiveminded Website Screenshot

In An Age author pic

In An Age

In An Age started out in 2010 as a World of Warcraft-focused MMO blog that has since broadened to cover general gaming news, reviews, impressions, armchair game design, and whatever else strikes my fancy. The primary gaming platform of choice is PC, with the majority being Steam games

In An Age Website Screenshot

Jaded Alt author pic

Jaded Alt

Jaded Alt will primarily cover topics of interest, well, to me. While it started as a World of Warcraft blog it has grown to encompass other gameworlds that I have become a part of and will continue to be my gaming journal.

Jaded Alt Website Screenshot

KIASA author pic


KiaSA is a blog that covers the whole gamut of human experience. MMORPGs, MMOFPSs, other MMOGs, online games, offline games, generally offline games with an online component, generally online games but with an offline mode, you name it, every facet of life on the planet.

KIASA Website Screenshot

Life is a Mind-Bending Puzzle author pic

Life is a Mind-Bending Puzzle

A blog about life, the universe and computer games. PC games mainly. Write about anything else that takes my fancy too.

Life is a Mind-Bending Puzzle Website Screenshot

Me vs. Myself and I author pic

Me vs. Myself and I

In early 2014 I became involved with the Newbie Blogger Initiative and my activities crossed beyond just this blog. I made a Twitter account and have connecting with my fellow bloggers via Steam and other outlets. The future of blogging is bright and the community is growing strong.

Me vs. Myself and I Website Screenshot

MMO Gypsy author pic

MMO Gypsy

MMO Gypsy is a videogame design commentary blog, focusing on MMOs, RPGs and High Adventure. Other bits and bobs include videogame soundtrack, indie games and general geekery.

MMO Gypsy Website Screenshot

MMOGC author pic


Behind all the in-game avatars, I’m an avid gamer/bibliophile/total geek originally from Toronto, Canada but now I’m living in the US. My main interest is in MMORPGs, though you’ll sometimes catch me indulging in other PC games, some Xbox 360.

MMOGC Website Screenshot

Nerdy Bookahs author pic

Nerdy Bookahs

This blog is primarily about Guild Wars 2, Rift and Trove. But as we both enjoy various other games, you will also find posts about those in here.

Nerdy Bookahs Website Screenshot

Parallel Context author pic

Parallel Context

This blog was started in September 2009 by Souldat and Redbeard with the intention of posting on gaming related topics that interested us. We cover mostly MMO topics with the occasional guild or general gaming topics discussed as well.

Parallel Context Website Screenshot

Psychochild author pic


Brian Green, often known by the online pseudonym of ‘Psychochild’, is an experienced online game developer. In his six years of hobbyist and many years of professional game development, he has done programming, designing, writing, and administrating.

Psychochild Website Screenshot

Ravalation author pic


Welcome to Ravalation, the diary of a gamer girl on a screenshot spree. I’m Rav and I’m writing about my favourite MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR).

Ravalation Website Screenshot

Red Cow Rise author pic

Red Cow Rise

Akabeko is a resto druid on the Nagrand (US-Oceanic) server. She is a quietly lurking member of . She has been playing and raiding on WoW for about 6 years, and likes to spend her non-raiding time chasing achievements of all kinds.

Red Cow Rise Website Screenshot

Screaming Monkeys author pic

Screaming Monkeys

I’m a software developer with a passion for video games since I was 5. I tend to write way too much and get passionate about the things I love so I started this blog in the hope of doing something structured and useful.

Screaming Monkeys Website Screenshot

Sheep the Diamond author pic

Sheep the Diamond

Stubborn is a high-school teacher, a community college professor, a tutor, a husband, a son, and a consummate gamer. He plays WoW mostly, but also a variety of pen-and-paper games, board games, and card games.

Sheep the Diamond Website Screenshot

Skycandy author pic


With their powers combined, Paul and Bree bring you this blog, on which they ramble about all the things they love and don’t.

Skycandy Website Screenshot

StarShadow author pic


The site is named after the main character Suzita Starshadow (eq2) and Eldaeriel (main in lotro) means star shadow in elvish. The blog is currently primarily focusing on lotro, with a few single player game entries here and there.

StarShadow Website Screenshot

T.R. Red Skies author pic

T.R. Red Skies

As a blogger, I’m just an ordinary gamer who likes to share and discuss his opinions about the things I play. I’ve grown over the years and I hope that maturity is reflected in the changes my blog has undergone over time.

T.R. Red Skies Website Screenshot

Tales of the Aggronaut author pic

Tales of the Aggronaut

Tales of the Aggronaut is the blog of Belghast. It has gone through many changes during its existence. It started its roots primarily as a World of Warcraft blog, but over time has morphed into Bel’s more general gaming soapbox. Aggronaut is greatly influenced by the cast of players and games that influence Belghast.

Tales of the Aggronaut Website Screenshot

Tastes Like Battle Chicken author pic

Tastes Like Battle Chicken

Ambermist has been my main since the day I logged into the game for the first time. I started as a resto druid in BC, became a complete failkin in Wrath, and have been trying to make up for it ever since!

Tastes Like Battle Chicken Website Screenshot

The Ancient Gaming Noob author pic

The Ancient Gaming Noob

This blog is a collection of my thoughts and experiences in online gaming. Generally this is confined to the realm of what people refer to as MMOs, but I do branch out now and again.

The Ancient Gaming Noob Website Screenshot

Tiger Ears author pic

Tiger Ears

This is my personal journal, reserved to write about anything that takes my fancy or catches my whim. I am focussed on gaming at the moment, EVE Online in particular.

Tiger Ears Website Screenshot

Tish Tosh Tesh author pic

Tish Tosh Tesh

This is the transcript of Tesh’s mental meanderings. In lieu of a more detailed description, let it simply be known that this is a place to ruminate and rumble, to rant and repair.

Tish Tosh Tesh Website Screenshot

Tobold author pic


A blog about MMORPG ( Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games ) and other games I’m currently playing.

Tobold Website Screenshot

Too Many Annas author pic

Too Many Annas

I’m a 30-something married female gamer who spends a lot of time in Warcraft and this blog is about synergy among healers, raiders, roleplayers or any combination of the above.

Too Many Annas Website Screenshot

Why I Game author pic

Why I Game

I love playing games, thinking about games and writing long walls of text about them.

Why I Game Website Screenshot

World of Matticus author pic

World of Matticus

Started in the summer of 2007, World of Matticus aims to deliver useful advice and tips for aspiring healers and leaders in the game World of Warcraft. We try to help readers solve problems and offer useful information to navigate through the challenges of the game from our own individual perspectives.

World of Matticus Website Screenshot

Start Blog Book


This guide is an introduction to mastering the art of blogging. It provides easy to follow steps to start, maintain, and grow your blog.

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