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Custom Background options video

Video Transcription

Hi, this is Brad with and in this video I’m going to be walking you through the “Background Appearance” section of your new blog. If we scroll over here to the” Appearance” section we’ll hover over and then we’ll find “Background” here, and click. What the “Background” section is going to allow us to do is to change the background color or add an image as our background. Since it’s simplest, I’m going to just change the color in this video, but if you’d like to play around with a background image, you can feel free to do so up here.

For background color, I’m going to simply click on “Select Color,” and for my background I’m just going to go with a white. So I clicked white here and then in the bottom left I’m going to click “Save Changes.” If we go back to our live blog now and click “Refresh,” you’ll see that the background has changed from gray to white.

I hope you found this quick demo useful. For more videos and how-to guides, please visit us at Take care.

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