Why is My Blog Not Showing Up on WordPress? How to Fix It

Ogi Djuraskovic
Updated: October 4th, 2023
3 min read
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Although people sometimes deal with the problem of blogs not showing up on WordPress, it’s an easy fix and shouldn’t discourage you from starting a blog. It can be frustrating, but the solutions can be simple. 

We’re not saying you didn’t add content to WordPress correctly, but slip-ups sometimes happen, and it’s the first thing you should check. If you did everything correctly, continue with other possible fixes.

A quick fix if your blog is not showing up on WordPress

One of the most common reasons why your blog isn’t showing up on WordPress is due to various caching issues. Check your caches, such as your browser or page cache, to see if that’s the case. Clearing these caches might resolve the problem of your blogs not showing up.

Other possible fixes

If the quick fix doesn’t work, there are other fixes you can try to make your blog show up on WordPress. Go through the list below, try these fixes individually, and see if they help.

  1. Clean CDN cache

    Bloggers often use CDN cache to speed up WordPress loading times. However, CDN works by caching the website’s static content, which can cause problems when you update the website, so try clearing it.

  2. Clear cache using a plugin

    If you use WordPress, there’s a chance you’re already familiar with WordPress’ caching plugin and other WordPress SEO plugins. Use the plugin’s clear cache option and either clear the whole website’s cache or the cache of the individual webpage.

  3. Refresh your browser

    The simplest solution can be to refresh your browser. Simply hit CTRL + F5 on your keyboard (or CMD + R for Mac users), and it will hard refresh the browser, forcing the browser to skip the cache.

  4. Configure WordPress to post new content automatically

    Another possible solution is to configure WordPress settings to publish automatically. You might need an Auto Post plugin for this solution, and it might resolve your issue of blogs not showing up on WordPress.

  5. Reset your permalinks

    You can fix this problem by logging into the WordPress Dashboard, entering Settings, then Permalinks, and choosing a different setting. After you save the changes, reverse the process, and select your default settings. It effectively resets your permalinks and might resolve the issue.

  6. Check permission and privacy configurations

    This issue isn’t typical for blog sites and is more common for dynamic membership sites that show different content to specific users, but you can still try it. Check the permissions and the privacy settings to see if it resolves your issue.


The problem of blogs not showing up on WordPress is a common one. Fortunately, there are fixes you can try, and they’re almost guaranteed to help.  If the quick fix doesn’t help, you can follow our list of other possible problems and apply these solutions to see your new blog post up in no time.

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